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CKN ECKC Power Rankings: Mini-Max #2

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CKN ECKC Power Rankings: Mini-Max #2

Round three of the 2013 Eastern Canadian Karting Championship hits the track this weekend at the popular Le Monaco de Trois Rivieres in Quebec. The street race is held on the grounds of the GP3R street circuit that one week after kart racers invade the area, will host a car race with the likes of Nascar Canada, F1600, Canadian Touring Car and more. The Coupe du Quebec will run the show on Saturday this weekend with ECKC taking over for Sunday’s event making it only one points scoring race for ECKC competitors.

CKN has racked up the results after round two at Goodwood Kartways and have prepared our second edition of our 2013 ECKC Power Rankings. In some classes there is a major shakeup, while in others things have stayed pretty much the same. Nonetheless, drivers are still rewarded for consistency throughout every race and qualifying session and finishing every race could make or break their ranking.

Two wins and two runner-ups keeps Antonio Serravalle atop our Mini-Max Power Rankings (Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN)

Two wins and two runner-ups keeps Antonio Serravalle atop our Mini-Max Power Rankings (Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN)

Here is CKN’s Power Rankings of Micro Max drivers and who to watch this weekend.

Ranking +/- Driver Remarks
1 0 Antonio Serravalle Serravalle is once gain on top of the CKN Rankings and has a good record in the class with 2 wins and 2 runner-ups after the first two weekends. With a good weekend in Trois-Rivieries he might just need to start the final in Tremblant to take the championship.
2 +2 Samuel Lupien Lupien moves up the ranking as consistent finishes in the first few rounds helped him come up our rankings into second. While he maybe in second he will still need to find some more speed to catch Serravalle on top.
3 +3 Tommy Simard Simard was able to have two good days at Goodwood to move up to third in the rankings after he had an unlucky weekend in Mosport. If he can keep the momentum rolling into Le Petite Monaco he should be a threat for the championship podium.
4 -2 JP Hutchinson JP had a tough weekend in Goodwood as he had a hard crash in Saturday’s Final race. For JP this weekend is big as he will need to stay out of trouble while pushing at the same time to make sure he can get back what he had lost at Goodwood.
5 -2 Thierry Cote Fresh off his WCC Championship, Cote is the first driver to receive his ticket to go to the Rotax Mini Max invitation in New Orleans. He now can shift his focus to winning races instead of running for championship points.

Drivers to Watch:

Charles Deschenes is going to be a favourite to win this weekend in Trois Rivieres. After taking first in Sunday’s final at Goodwood and being the defending champion at Le Petite Monaco he will be the biggest threat for Serravalle this weekend.

**Note: These rankings are the opinions of based on the results at 2013 Eastern Canadian Karting Championship races and do not reflect the actual ECKC championship standings. Enjoy.

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