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CKN Driver Blog: Looking Back on 2016 by Kelsey Hann

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CKN Driver Blog: Looking Back on 2016 by Kelsey Hann

Hello CKN nation,

It’s been quite a while since you’ve last heard from me but I’m back!! As I sit here and write I’m sad to say that our 2016 karting season has come to an end. But I’m very happy to say that it was definitely a season to remember. When I look back at how I began the season to how I ended it’s crazy how much not only my skills have improved but how my race outcomes and my positivity has changed.

At the beginning of this year I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but to be honest when is racing ever easy, but anyways I knew there were going to be some challenges to overcome. Most of these challenges being learning new tracks or just getting use to them again, it definitely wasn’t easy I’ll say that. For the most part my days were good, I adapted to the tracks well and found by away around with my competitors. But other days were difficult, it’s never easy driving 12-16 hours to a new track and trying to compete with drivers who have the opportunity to practice there every week. Thankfully I adapt pretty quick and have partners to help me on track. Beyond some of my challenges I’ve learned so much this year, from the continuous on track improvements to controlling all my mental thoughts.

When I stand back and look at what I’ve accomplished this year I’m pretty satisfied!! Sure I didn’t win all my races nor finish on the ECKC podium but everyone of those races taught me something and overall I’m a better driver because of it. When I think about this season my favorite win of the season would definitely be winning Super Pole at the ASN Open Canadian Karting Championships, for myself it was the cherry on top to end my season.

But I must say my favorite memory was not a race but a sentence of encouragement from my very own father. It was the very first race of the year in Moncton and tensions were high but somehow my dad always knew the right thing to say. As I sat down in my kart that day I looked down to see a label across my steering wheel stating “Can’t stop the rock.” At first this was no more than a song lyric to me but after my dad bent down and said, “Kelsey you are the rock, remember you can’t stop the rock.” It was much more than just a lyric. So every race after that I’ve listened to that song on the way to the track and think about those very words he said. I have no words to describe how much my father motivates me. None of this would be possible without him.

I’ve met so many new people this year and I’ve made memories that I’m sure will last a lifetime. I have so many people to thank this season but mostly I would like to my family for always being so supportive towards my racing. I’d also like to thank PSL Karting and PSL Moncton for hosting me upon their teams this year, I am looking very forward to another great season with the teams. Big thanks goes to the CKN team for giving me this amazing opportunity to be able to share my experiences with all of you!

See you all next year!
Kelsey Hann, #607

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