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CKN Chatter: Lance Stroll

CKN Chatter

CKN Chatter: Lance Stroll

CKN Chatter is back! This week Canadian Karting News is very happy to catch up with Lance Stroll. The Canadian from Mont-Tremblant, Quebec now calls Geneva, Switzerland home as he pursues a motorsports career in Europe. Stroll competes for the Scuderia Karting/Chiesa Corse team, aboard a Zanardi Kart in the KF division. Most recently, Stroll made his debut in the Senior KF category, and scored a podium result at the WSK Master Series race in La Conca, Italy. He is also part of the Ferrari Driver Academy, proudly displaying the prancing horse on his race suit as he looks toward his racing future.

2013 will be Stroll’s third full season in Europe and the young Canadian is very excited for the new challenges that lay ahead of his this year in the KF division as he will race against many factory drivers. Taking a few moments out of his very busy schedule, Stroll was able to answer some questions for the CKN Nation!

13-02-11-stroll3Q: Lance, we appreciate your time to speak with us. Congrats on your podium finish in your KF debut, can you walk us through your Final race?

It was very intense moment for me because it was my first race in the Senior level! I had a good pace and on the start I was able to keep my position, only later in the race I had to fight with the Europeen 2012 champion (Barnicoat). It was a clean fight and I managed to pull away. I was comfortable in fourth place, with good speed and on the last lap I saw Basz braking down. I was happy to just get a free position and closing on the last meters on the leaders, crossing the finish line third!!! Amazing

Q: Any major challenges or adversity you faced this weekend?

It is very difficult level of racing, you have to think about many things  water temp, carburation, tire conservation, etc) while driving and racing others drivers. But I really enjoy racing against the best drivers and the best racing teams in the world!

Q: You never finished outside the top-ten all weekend, how important is it to earn consistent finishes in the heat races?

It is extremely important to have good heat races, so you have a good positions for the start in prefinal. Because if you start in the middle of the pack sometimes it is very difficult to come back to the front. At this level you can’t make mistakes.

Q: With this the first major race of the year, what have you done to be prepared during the offseason, as you haven’t raced since the SuperNationals in November.

Yes, in November and December I tested KF mostly at Lonato race track just to get use to the speed and to the front brake.. Then my coach send me to vacation for three weeks. I played many others sports, spent time with my family and for sure relax. Then In january I did some test for the first race, more technical training and endurance training.

13-02-11-stroll2Q: You opted to move up to the KF division this year after two years in KF3, can you explain the main differences in the categories?

First you have to race against the Factory drivers, then the karts have stickier tires, the karts have more weight, you have to use front brake, the engine are more sensible so you need to be right on the adjustment while driving and the races are longer. Bigger challenge overall!

Q: In KF, you are now racing against many of the current best kart racers on the planet, does this play on your mind at all entering a race weekend?

For me it is just others competitors, I focus on my work and I am trying to beat them.

Q: Have you done any testing in a KZ? Any chance you will race it this year?

No chance, it takes time away from my preparation for KF races.

Q: Do you have any plans to race in North America in 2013?

Yes maybe I will participate to the SuperNationals in Tag Senior or KF if there is a class.

Q: Finally, do you have any testing/racing in cars as part of the Ferrari Driver Academy schedule for this year, or is it strictly another year in karts?

For the moment I concentrate my time in Karting, One thing at the time!

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