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CKN 2014 Holiday Shopping Special: Part 1

CKN Exclusive

CKN 2014 Holiday Shopping Special: Part 1

It’s official, there is less than one week left before Christmas morning and for most karting fathers this weekend marks the beginning and ending of their holiday shopping. So we here at CKN have worked with our advertisers and website supporters to bring you some last minute specials to help you guys out. As we all know Canadian karters love a great deal whenever they can get there hands on one.

In the first of our two features of special promotions we highlight products and services from PSL Karting, Racing Edge Motorsports, Maranello North America, PSL Montreal/ROK Cup Quebec and SH Racing. More to come!

PSL Karting Race Team Bags

ORG PSL Roller Bag (Photo: PSL Karting)

PSL Karting is offering so great deals on their race team apparel. Their ORG Roller Bag is 50% off at a price of 99.95. The bag is perfect for transporting your safety equipment to and from the track as well as having additional compartments to store wet items to keep the rest of your equipment dry.

In addition to the Roller Bag, the ORG PSL team backpack is now only $49.95. The backpack is perfect for taking laptops and other items to and from the track during a race weekend. There are limited quantities available so be sure to act quickly if you are PSL or CRG customer who wants to be swagged out during the 2015 karting season.


ORG PSL Roller Bag (Photo: PSL Karting)

Order Online from
ORG PSL Roller Bag
ORG CRG PSL Backpack

Racing Edge Motorsports: Alpinestars Rib Protectors and Gloves

Racing Edge Motorsports has the Alpinestars Bionic Rib Protectors on sale at $165.00 each. Sizes range from small to large. Quantities are limited.

Some of the product features are:

– A high-performance, lightweight, ergonomically constructed guard for the ribs and kidneys
– The Bionic Rib Support incorporates intelligent adjustment features to offer kart drivers a supremely comfortable
– Central adjustable back panel with Velcro attachments offers complete range of fit
– Fully adjustable front strap with a D-ring closure features elasticated section for comfort
– Perforated rear for comfort and ventilation


Alpinestars Bionic Rib Protector.

Also available from REM are Alpinestars Karting Gloves going for $106.00. These gloves are designed for an ergonomic fit and are skid resistant in the event of an accident. Quantities are limited.

For those interested contact Kevin Monteith of Racing Edge Motorsports via email:

Maranello North America Gift Cards and Mechanics Courses


The New Maranello RS4T 4 cycle chassis piloted by Luke Chudleigh at Goodwood. (Photo: Cody Schindel)

Maranello North America has dished out some great packages for the Canadian karting community to get excited about. In the chassis department they are providing a $750.00CDN Maranello gift certificate with the purchase of each Maranello two cycle chassis sold, as well as a $500.00 Maranello gift certificate for each Maranello RS4T 4-cycle chassis sold before January 31st, 2015.

The deals don’t stop there as Trevor Wickens, one of Canada’s top karting tuners, is offering a fantastic five-course mechanics school for fathers and tuners who would like to take their kart prep and knowledge to the next level. The enrollment fee is $500.00, however for those who apply before January 1, 2015 will be given the early bird special of $350.oo.


Trevor Wickens (L) has worked with some of the best in North American karting and is regarded one of the best tuners in the sport today. (Photo: Cody Schindel)

The following is the curriculum for the mechanics course:

Session 1: – Saturday, February 7th – 11am-2pm

Base Line Setup
-What is your Base Line Setup?
-How do you find your Base Line Setup?
-Why is a Base Line Setup important?

Tire Pressure
-How does Tire pressure effect handling?
-How do you choose Tire Pressure?
-What is Tire Pressure Stager?
-When should your Tire Pressures Peak?

-Where should you mount extra weight?
-What should you take into consideration?
-Why is it important?

Open Q&A and Hands on trials

Session 2: – Saturday, February 14th – 11am-2pm

Axle Alignment
-What is Axle Alignment?
-Why is Axle Alignment crucial to handling?
-How do you align your axel Properly?

Brake Bleeding
-How do you Bleed Brakes Properly?

Chassis Straightening
-How do you straighten a chassis?
-When should you have your chassis checked?
-Why is the crucially important?

Open Q&A and Hands on trials

Session 3: – Saturday, February 21st – 11am-2pm

Front End Geometry
-What is Front End Geometry?
-How do you set your Toe In/Out?
-How do you “Square” the front alignment?
-What is Caster and Chamber?
-How do you change Caster and Chamber?
-What handling effects do all these changes have?

Gear Ratio
-Why is your Gear Ratio Important?
-How do you determine a starting Ratio?
-What should you look for?
-Is there a formula you can use to determine if you should
have a high ratio or short ratio?

Open Q&A and Hands on trials

Session 4: – Saturday, March 7th – 11am-2pm

-What are the Basics?
-How will you know to make changes?
-What should you be looking for prior to changes?

Rebuilding Carburetors
-How do you do this?
-Why should you do this?

Open Q&A and Hands on trials

Session 5: Saturday, March 14th – 11am-2pm

Seat Installation
-How do you Properly install a Seat?
-What are the proper measurements to look for?
-What is more important, comfort or performance?

Chassis Dyno
-What are the advantages?
-Are all engines created equal?
-How and why is this beneficial?

-Review of all courses.
-Open Q&A and Hands on trials

For those interested in either or both the kart packages and the mechanics school please contact Trevor Wickens via email:


2015 Rokker winter special (Photo: PSL Montreal)

PSL Montreal/Rok Cup Quebec

PSL Montreal and ROK Cup Quebec is giving it’s competitors who buy a 2015 ROK Cup package before the 31st of January free membership cards for one driver, one mechanic and two guests, a $200.00 value. The 2015 Rok Quebec championship will be a five weekend ten race championship held at both PSL Montreal and SH Karting Facilities.

For more information on the package and the 5 weekend 2015 Rok Cup Quebec championship please contact LP Gélinas of PSL Montreal via email:

SH Racing

After switching to the FA Chassis line in 2014 SH Racing has is having a clearance on all remaining Zanardi kart chassis. For those interested in purchasing fast complete Zanardi Kart. SH is selling packages for $4495.00 complete with either a Junior or Senior Rotax engine. SH had success with the Zanardi models as Alexandre Lacroix and Steven Szigeti both won races in the Eastern Canadian Karting Championship on board Zanardi karts in 2013. These karts are perfect for those who want to move up to the Rotax ranks on a budget and be competitive or want an upgrade on their old equipment. Quantities are Limited.


Alexandre Lacroix won multiple races in 2013 on board the Zanardi Chassis. (Photo: Cody Schindel/CKN)

In addition SH Karting has race track season passes available for $450.00.

Anyone interested in these Packages should contact Sasha Gagnon via email:

Stay tuned for more great deals!

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