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CKN 2013 ECKC Power Rankings: Round Junior #3


CKN 2013 ECKC Power Rankings: Round Junior #3

The final round of the 2013 Eastern Canadian Karting Championship hits the track this weekend in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec at the beautiful Jim Russell Karting Circuit. The final major event of the Canadian season see’s the ECKC paired up with Coupe du Quebec, setting up for a major championship weekend.

Following the third round of the series that saw race #5 completed at the popular Le Monaco de Trois-Rivieres, we reflect on the results and set the tone entering the Championship finale in our ECKC Power Rankings. While some drivers have put themselves in great position for their class championships, our rankings may see things a little different in the classes with tight championships, rewarding those who continue to finish races.

As the championship get’s closer, our rankings shake up a bit with a new leader and only one driver holding his position.

Rotax Junior:

Rank +/- Driver Remarks
1 +1 Gianfranco Mazzaferro Moving up to the top of our rankings, Mazzaferro is enjoying a great rookie season in Rotax Junior. He and Kingsley will go head-to-head this weekend for the Championship and a trip to the Rotax Grand Finals.
2 +3 Jeffrey Kingsley Kingsley moves up three spots after standing on the podium in third on the streets Trois-Rivieres. It will be a great shootout this weekend for the championship.
3 Nataël Cantin Holding station in third, Nataël is another rookie driver in Junior Rotax having a great year. Consistent results in every final shows Cantin finishing no worse than 8th when it really matters this year.
4 +2 Tyler Ripani Tyler Ripani moves up a couple after a sixth place result at Le Monaco. He too have been very consistent when it matters this year and it shows in his ranking.
5 -1 Anthony Tolfa Tolfa rebounded from an awful weekend at ECKC Goodwood to finish seventh at Le Monaco. Still searching for that first big win, Tolfa has arrived at Mont-Tremblant ready for action.
6 +3 Alexandre Lacroix Alexandre Lacroix doubled-up at Le Monaco winning both the ECKC and Coupe du Quebec races and after a rough start to the season our rankings see him move up three more spots to sixth.
7 +3 Christophe Paquet Giving Lacroix a great run for his money at Le Monaco, Paquet continues to improve this season and has moved up three spots in our rankings.
8 +3 Alexandre Couturier Magic number for Couturier at Le Monaco: 8. He qualified eighth, finished eighth in the prefinal, and eighth in the final.
9 -8 Nicolas Dore Dore falls nine positions in the rankings after moving up to Rotax Senior for the Le Monaco after an age issue.
10 -3 Gavin Reichelt Falling two positions, Gavin Reichelt was absent from Le Monaco in favour of the US Rotax Grand Nationals, but he is back for the Mont-Tremblant rounds, but he has moved up to Rotax DD2.

Drivers to Watch:

This weekend’s championship battle is between Kingsley and Mazzaferro. Both have brought their A-Game all season and it all comes down to this weekend.

**Note: These rankings are the opinions of based on the results at 2013 Eastern Canadian Karting Championship races only and do not reflect the actual ECKC championship standings. Enjoy.

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