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Christodoulou and Conquer Split Shifter Wins


Christodoulou and Conquer Split Shifter Wins

The second round of the Motomaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship featured a few more Open Shifter drivers than round one and they were faced with some tricky conditions at the Mosport Karting Centre.

US Formula 4 driver Nico Christodoulou (PRO/CL Kart) was back in action for the first time this season, as was Dante Lerra (Raceworx/CRG Kart) and Taegen Poles (Energy North America/Energy Kart), while round one winner Lucio Masini was absent from the weekend.

In the dry conditions, Joshua Conquer (Energy North America/Energy Kart) was in control aboard his Vortex Rok engine, but it was all reset when the group lined up for their Saturday Final on a wet track.

Christodoulou excelled in the tricky conditions and he quickly moved by Conquer before the end of lap two.

Ensuring he kept his CL Kart pointed forward, once a lead was built up, Christodoulou just cruised to the victory with a margin of victory over four seconds.

Behind him, Jared Ramnarayan (PRO/CL Kart) was also able to move by Conquer during the race to score the second position, with Conquer holding on for third ahead of Poles and Lerra.

MRFKC2 Open Shifter Saturday Final Results

1Nico Christodoulou
2Jared Ramnarayan4.671
3Josh Conquer12.848
4Taegen Poles14.506
5Dante Lerra16.007
6Nicholas Scarfo17.111
7Ryan Monteiro52.231
8Eamon Lowe7 laps
9Victor Smialek11 laps

Back on a dry track Sunday, the Final was all Conquer. After timing his start perfectly, he pulled away early while those behind scrapped for second place. Ramnarayan and Poles got together on lap two, collecting Eamon Lowe (Raceworx/CRG Kart) in the process and ending their races in the penultimate corner.

Lerra held the second position for as long as he could, even after making a few mistakes. By lap ten, Christodoulou had enough and finally just sent it up the inside of Lerra to steal the position and Nolan Bower (NBM/TonyKart) followed him through.

Bower kept the pressure on Christodoulou in the remaining laps but wasn’t able to overtake and the race finished with Conquer almost fifteen seconds ahead. Christodoulou had to serve a penalty for his bumper being pushed back in the scrap for second, moving Bower up to second, while Lerra and Ryan Monteiro (Raceworx/CRG Kart) completed the top-five.

MRFKC2 Open Shifter Sunday Final Results

1Josh Conquer
2Nolan Bower15.461
3Nico Christodoulou16.351
4Dante Lerra17.720
5Ryan Monteiro22.369
6Nicholas Scarfo23.369
7Victor Smialek32.956
8Taegen Poles16 laps
9Jared Ramnarayan16 laps
10Eamon Lowe16 laps

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