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Champion Ron Fellows Karting Championship Gets Rolling at Goodwood Kartways – Junior Classes Report


Champion Ron Fellows Karting Championship Gets Rolling at Goodwood Kartways – Junior Classes Report

The debut of the Champion Ron Fellows Karting Challenge (CRFKC) hit the track at Goodwood Kartways this past weekend and it kicked off with a bang! The inter-club challenge that pits the TRAK and MIKA kart clubs together for a four-race tour featured an impressive 173 drivers for the one-day event, including over 100 Briggs & Stratton racers.

It was a beautiful day and the big packs of racing created a great atmosphere around the Goodwood facility. As a tune-up event leading up to this weekends Eastern Canadian Karting Championship race at Goodwood, some out of town racers joined in on the action and took advantage of the deep grids.

A special podium ceremony kept many on hand with great prizes being handed out alongside the beautiful CRFKC trophies.

CKN correspondants Neelan Nadesan and Max Preston were on hand, snapping some pictures and taking notes on the days racing activities and have broken down the race winners in each category.

Here is a review of the Junior classes in competition. Click here for the Senior Classes Report.

Briggs & Stratton Junior Lite and Novice

Briggs & Stratton Junior Lite was filled with action as drivers were going three wide thru the opening corners. Kai Dalziel was the early leader in the final ahead of Gianluca Savaglio, Nicky Paledino and Matt Calzato. Savaglio took the lead on lap five with Calzatto following to take second. Savaglio would hold the lead until the last lap where Calzato would overtake and earn the checkered flag. Unfortunately for Calzato a penalty for contact would put him down a position giving the win to Savaglio. Paledino finished third ahead of Dalziel and Zain Ikram.

In the Novice category Lily Flintoff took the win ahead of Anthony Boscia and Martie Fletcher.


A massive turnout of junior Briggs & Stratton racers featured 53 drivers spread across three classes (Photo by: Neelan Nadesan/CKN)

Briggs & Stratton Junior

Briggs & Stratton Junior provided high levels of excitement for both fans and racers as non-stop action at the front of the field proved that no clear winner would be determined until the final turns of the race.

Starting on the pole, Austin Bisschop commanded the lead around turn one closely followed by Khloe Drummond and Zachery Latimer. The drafting began and the top-four drivers would open up the gap from the rest of the field, building a comfortable lead between them and the rest of the pack. Bisschop would begin blocking with only three laps to go causing the group to bunch up and begin battling.

Bisschop would manage to hold the lead until the very last lap, being overtaken by Latimer and falling down to fourth position at the line. Latimer would claim the victory followed by Tanner Hamilton and Matthew Barry who started well away from the leaders in eighth position.

Rotax Micro Max

Austin Boyle took the lead in the early in the Rotax Micro-Max final ahead of Dale Curran and Ryland Duesburry. Curran and Duesburry passed Boyle on the third lap and they would all remain in the same position for the rest of the race. Adam Moor finished fourth with Marcelo Paniccia completing the top five.


Dale Curran was very strong in Micro-Max (Photo by: Neelan Nadesan/CKN)

Rotax Mini Max

After winning the PreFinal, Xavier Harris started on pole for the Mini Max Final ahead of Stefano Lucente and Chad Webster. Webster would run the opening laps in the fourth position behind Liam Ortlieb before chasing him down and making a pass for the podium spot late in the race. Harris’ dominant pre-final translated into a perfect weekend for the young driver as he cruised to a comfortable four-second lead over Lucente to take the win for the Mini Max category, setting the stage for the ECKC season opener at Goodwood Kartways.

Rotax Max Junior

The Rotax Junior category was dominated by Russell Boyle as he completed a perfect day of racing taking pole in qualifying, then going on to win both the Prefinal and Final. Boyle has been very strong in TRAK competition thus far in 2015 and will be one to watch at the ECKC event. Jordan Slipacoff finished second in the final ahead of Joe Soranno who completed the top three after making a last lap pass on Ryan MacDermid. Nicholas Hornbostel and Cole Hooton completed the top five as MacDermid fell down to seventh.


Junior Rotax podium topped by Russell Boyle alongside Jordan Slipacoff (l) and Joe Soranno (r) – Photo by: Neelan Nadesan/CKN)

Click here for the Senior class reports.

The second round of the CRFKC takes place in early August at the recently renovated Mosport Kartways.

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