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#CDNKartingChamps: Super-Pole Qualifying Report

The top-3 drivers in each category posed for a photo with the ASN Canada FIA flag (Photo by: Cody Schindel / CKN)

ASN Canadian Karting Championships

#CDNKartingChamps: Super-Pole Qualifying Report

It was an extremely fast-paced day as action at the 2016 ASN Open Canadian Karting Championship turned official on Friday. Qualifying set the grids for each category with the top-6 after each provisional qualifying session advancing to a 2-lap solo run for SuperPole Qualifying. Immediately following, the first round of heat races were held for each of the twelve categories competing for a National Championship this weekend in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec.

A couple notes about the Qualifying action:

  • Samuel Lupien is competing in his first Briggs & Stratton LO206 race and he qualifying on the pole-position in the Senior category
  • The first ever Briggs & Stratton Novice pole-sitter at the Canadian Championships is Myah Knuckle from Nova Scotia
  • Kelsey Hann was the second lady to earn a Super-Pole, posting the fastest lap in Briggs & Stratton Junior
  • Drivers from four different provinces topped the charts Friday; Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan, plus Georgie Zouein from Dubai.
  • Two defending class champions started their weekend off by qualifying on the pole-position; Marco Di Leo in Rotax Senior and Marc Stehle in Briggs & Stratton Masters
  • ASN Canada FIA presented the top-3 fastest qualifiers with cash prizes for their efforts; $300.00 to first place, $200.00 to second place and $100.00 to third place.

SuperPole Qualifying Results:

Briggs & Stratton Novice

1. Myah Knickle
2. Alec Drummond
3. Jesse King
4. Ethan Donkers
5. Callum Baxter
6. Zander Stevens

Briggs & Stratton Junior

1. Kelsey Hann
2. Owen Clarke
3. Joshua Conquer
4. Zachary Latimer
5. Xavier Dorsnie
6. Stefano Lucente

Briggs & Stratton Senior

1. Samuel Lupien
2. Pearce Herder
3. Alex Murphy
4. Marco Signoretti
5. Zach Boam
6. Isaac Marritt

Briggs & Stratton Masters

1. Marc Stehle
2. Jamie MacArthur
3. David Anderson
4. Guy Savard
5. Pierre Gilbert
6. Steve Desroches

Rotax Micro-Max

1. Georgie Zouein
2. Austin Boyle
3. Athony Sardellitti
4. Marcello Paniccia
5. Lorenzo Morsille
6. Joseph Launi

Rotax Mini-Max

1. Thomas Nepveu
2. Jak Crawford
3. Justin Arseneau
4. Dale Curran
5. Chloe Chambers
6. Jason Leung

Rotax Junior

1. Matthew Latifi
2. Andres De Alba
3. Antonio Serravalle
4. Ryan MacDermid
5. Chris Chanko
6. Matthew Taskinen

Rotax Senior

1. Marco Di Leo
2. Jeff Kingsley
3. Gianfranco Mazzaferro
4. Cedrik Lupien
5. Coltin McCaughan
6. Anthony Tolfa

Rotax DD2

1. Natael Cantin
2. Marco Signoretti
3. Tyler Kashak
4. Alessandro Bizzotto
5. Davide Greco
6. Ethan Simioni

Rotax DD2 Masters

1. Scott Campbell
2. Mark Woyslaw
3. Christian Gysi
4. Paul Carvalho
5. Normand Lord
6. David Nevin

Open Shifter

1. Jean-Francois Lafontaine
2. Frank Launi
3. Dominic Legrand
4. Zachary Shearer
5. Chad Campbell
6. Samuel Guerin

Open Shifter Masters

1. Dany St-Hilaire
2. Michel Legrand
3. Tony De Marco
4. Cameron Nabert

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