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CASC Ontario Region Appoints Scott Fletcher as their new Director of Karting

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CASC Ontario Region Appoints Scott Fletcher as their new Director of Karting

Press release by: CASC-OR.

CASC-OR held its annual general meeting on November 12, During that meeting one of the positions that were up for election was the Director of Karting as the outgoing director Robin Buck was not returning as his 2-year term came to an end.

CASC-OR is happy to announce the very experienced Scott Fletcher as the new Director of Karting for the Ontario Region. The second-generation active racer comes to the organization with a wealth of experience in Motorsports as well as previous experience on the board of multiple racing clubs and that will serve well for the CASC-OR moving forward.

“After my stock car career, I got my kids involved racing karts and truly love the sport of karting.” Scott continued to explain why this position was of interest, “The friends/family involved in karting drives me to help grow this sport for everyone involved.” The Ontario karting community will see Scott’s influence quickly implemented with several new initiatives and social communication some of which is in place.

Outgoing Director Robin Buck had this to say. “l would like to start off by saying it was a great privilege to be part of CASC-OR and as the Karting director over the past 2 years. As a racing driver, we don’t often get a real chance to see how the ‘other side’ works. Being on the board of directors I now have a totally new appreciation for all those wonderful people who work endlessly behind the scenes in so many areas so that race weekends can happen for all of ‘us’ drivers!”

Robin added, “I’ve always believed Karting is the backbone of our racing community. It’s the grassroots starting point for so many of the best drivers in the world today. I know Scott feels the same way, but would also like to see the ‘fun’ and ‘family’ atmosphere in the Clubs, and Tracks continue to improve and grow. He is a current Kart racer himself plus his daughter and son are racers too. Scott recognizes the issues facing the Karters, clubs and tracks today. With his vision and willingness to want to help do what’s best for the Karting community in Ontario, Karting can and will move toward a healthier place for all involved. I wish Scott and the Karting community all the success in making it happen!”

Scott’s resume in racing spans more than 40 years, from Karts to Cars, from Clubs to NASCAR, CASC-OR Karting is in great hands.

For additional information on volunteering, Sponsorship opportunities and questions contact Scott directly at @casc_or_karting

CASC-OR Karting 2024 Initiatives and responsibilities.

  • will post all affiliated Clubs/Tracks Schedules
  • will introduce a provincial class ranking for all classes
  • CASC-OR Karting will introduce a weekly podcast.
  • Sponsored classes that will receive prizes.
  • CASC-OR Karting/ASN Members will have a member package.
  • Provincial Contigentancy Program when sponsors come on board.
  • CASC-OR Karting Instagram/X Page.
  • Weekly Driver Spotlights posted on social media/web
  • Display at Motorama March 7-9th, Along with Q/A period on stage.
  • Continue with review and distribution of 4 and 2 Cycle Rules.
  • Continue with Track Inspections
  • Provide Insurance through CASC-OR provider for affiliated clubs/tracks.

CKN has already had a chance to speak with Scott Fletcher and will follow up with this news in the near future on how the CASC-OR will blend into the already very busy Ontario karting region.

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