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Canadian Tire SuperPole Qualifying and Official Race Format Released for ASN Canadian Karting Championships

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Canadian Tire SuperPole Qualifying and Official Race Format Released for ASN Canadian Karting Championships

As the 2014 ASN Canadian Karting Championships presented by Canadian Tire continues to get closer, event organizers are pleased to make an additional exciting announcement regarding the format for this year’s event. For Thursday’s official qualifying sessions, the Canadian Tire SuperPole have been added to the schedule to really push drivers in order to earn the pole-position in their respective classes and Thursday will now officially be known as Canadian Tire SuperPole Thursday. The race format for heat races and the Championship Finals has also been announced.

Following the round of qualifying for all classes, the top-6 drivers from each class will return to the grid for the SuperPole sessions. Drivers will be given two hot laps around the Jim Russell Karting Academy track to determine the official top-six positions in Qualifying. No drafting, pushing or help will be allowed in the SuperPole sessions as drivers will need to complete the lap to the best of their abilities on their own.

Immediately following the SuperPole sessions, Canadian Tire gift card awards will be presented to the top-3 drivers at a podium ceremony where first place will earn $300.00, second place $200.00 and third place $100.00.

When the racing begins on Friday a new format has be introduced for the classes with less than 30 entries as they will utilize the progressive heat format. The initial grid for Heat One will be set from qualifying, and drivers will start the remaining heats based on where they finish the heat race prior. Drivers will earn points for each of the heats, as well as Qualifying to set the grid for Sunday.

For classes with more than 30 entries, the popular A, B, C, D format will be used. Following qualifying, drivers will be split into four groups, A, B, C and D, and for their heats each group will race each other.

The final format announcement is in regards to SuperSunday. Following all the heat races, Sunday will only feature Championship Finals, with the accumulated points from the heat races, setting the grids. There will be no Pre-Finals at this year’s Canadian Championships.

The SuperPole sessions and unique race format will surely add more drama and excitement to the event making the Canadian Championships the premier event in Canada.

Drivers are reminded that pre-registration closes soon and all drivers are urged to register prior to the event. Registration forms and information can be found on the website.

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