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Canadian Mini Indy Gearing Up to Reopen on Friday, May 22!

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Canadian Mini Indy Gearing Up to Reopen on Friday, May 22!

More great news CKN Nation, we’ve just received notice from another track in Ontario that has received permission to reopen their facility during this COVID 19 epidemic. The Canadian Mini Indy in Hamilton is set to open their gates on Friday, May 22 for racers looking to hit the track for practice.

While we don’t know when racing is going to resume yet, tracks getting the opportunity to open is a great first step in a few provinces across the country. Let’s all remain smart and vigilant during these next couple of months in hopes of keeping the momentum rolling.

Below is the announcement from Danielle Duffy of the Canadian Mini Indy.

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I hope everyone is keeping well and looking forward to what looks to be a fantastic Victoria Day weekend. It looks like we are done with the winter weather and it could not come at a better time!

As Ontario has announced yesterday, we are entering Stage 1 of the reopening plan. This reopening plan has made allowances for Seasonal businesses and Outdoor recreational activities for single competitors a permissible business to open effective Tuesday, May 19th, 2020.

As you know through all my recent correspondence, we have been preparing for this day ongoing. We have thoughtfully and carefully put in place a “Return to Race Protocol” that I feel respects all the guidelines the government has laid out for us. It is my objective and responsibility to ensure the opening of the track is met with success, therefore we will begin a soft open commencing Friday, May 22nd with open practice for kart owners.

We will send out communication early next week on the next steps for both our Canadian Mini Indy Rookie members and our Hamilton Regional Kart Club members. It is at this time I ask all members to exercise patience as group sizes are definitely going to be controlled, for the foreseeable future for both racing and practice. Next week an online portal will be located on the website where members will be able to register for practice for those members with their own go-kart. There will be reserved spots for 2020 registered Hamilton Regional Kart Club members along with spots for visiting guest members.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Joe Karter (pictured below). Joe is the new track spokesperson! He will be bringing you news of upcoming events, information and most importantly his role in the immediate future will be as our Health and Safety promoter. Look for signs around the track with Joe instructing you on protocols including; standing zones, procedures, sanitization stations and social distancing.

The Canadian Mini Indy members will receive information next week on how we will start the Rookie Racing season. Look for a revised rookie series schedule, along with dates, times and procedures for the Open House.

2 Day Race Experience members – we look forward to our sessions this summer all session will run as planned and will be in contact with each of you mid-June.

Opening up will look different and for an undetermined time frame, it will take some getting used to, however, I am confident the last few months have enabled us to get used to a lot of change. It will be our focus to ensure the track is a place for you to come and still relish in some enjoyment, and de-stress from what has been a very stressful time for all of us. What is most important to reflect on at this time is the support we are going to ask of all of our members; we can put all the systems in place to ensure your health and safety, all we ask of each of you is to put them into practice, adhere to the regulations and respect the guidance protocols.

I am so very excited that this day is finally near and I really look forward to welcoming you all to the track in the coming weeks.

Please keep your eyes out for emails early next week with all the details you need for our next steps to get you on track!

Thank you for your patience and all your support these past few months,

Danielle Duffy
Canadian Mini Indy

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