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CDN Karting Nationals: Sarah McKay wins Briggs & Stratton Junior pre final by 0.002s

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CDN Karting Nationals: Sarah McKay wins Briggs & Stratton Junior pre final by 0.002s

Sarah McKay (PSL Atlantic/CRG) had the early success in the day, as she was able to get by Trevor Rancier (K&K) on the final lap of Heat Two to take the victory. Behind the two up front Braxton Terry (Birel), Sebastian Piche (Arrow), and Justin Beers (PSL Moncton/CRG) finished in the top five.

Kyle Edgar (K&K) was able to turn around an unfortunate Heat Two result with a win ahead of Rancier, McKay, Kaleb Sauve (Arrow), and Alexandre Piche (Arrow). With the heat race action over, this put Rancier on pole for the prefinal ahead of McKay, Sauve , Terry and Heat 3 winner Edgar in fifth.

At the start of the Prefinal, the inside row of Rancier, Sauve, joined by Edgar were able to take the top three positions at the start of the race with McKay slotting her CRG right behind the leading trio. On the second lap Edgar passed Sauve in the inside going into turn one, allowing both K&K drivers to team up at the front with McKay now in third. Five laps into the race Mckay was able to benefit from a huge push given to her from Sauve taking her from third to first coming out of the first corner.

On the final lap of the race Edgar was able to get by Rancier in the first corner, which gave McKay a five kart length lead coming out of the last. With the draft being so pivotal, Edgar and Rancier used a two car Talledega-style drafting technique to catch up to McKay in the long straights of the final sector to come only 2 thousandths of a second short of first place.  So at the line it was McKay ahead of Edgar, Rancier, Sauve, and Justin Beers who finished a distant fifth.


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