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Calgary Kart Racing Club Uses Pandemic Downtime to Update Track and Facility

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Calgary Kart Racing Club Uses Pandemic Downtime to Update Track and Facility

The home of the Calgary Kart Racing Club has made good use of their forced closure during this COVID-19 Pandemic to complete some planned updates to the North Star Raceway at Strathmore Motorsports Park.

Two weeks ago, construction vehicles went to work on a section of the track, adding asphalt and reconfiguring a portion of the middle sector.

Adjusting the tight hairpin corner and esses that follow, drivers will now have a much smoother exit of the corner that is more like a sweeper and will require less intense contact with the curb section that was very rough on chassis’ in the past. The corner will flow much better now too as drivers climb back up the hill.

Some additional curbing has been added in a few sections, as well as grinding down some of the rough patches that have caused issues in the past.

In addition to the track adjustment, the facility received its order of plastic barriers that now surround most of the track. The blue and white barriers are a very nice facelift, and allow the club to remove the previously used tires and plastic barrels.

Finally, the club planted 600 trees on the property too, as the CKRC continues to update year after year.

Future plans are in place for a clubhouse and storage facility are also in the works and we can’t wait to see the continued progress of one of Canada’s best new karting facilities.

To learn more about the Calgary Kart Racing Club, visit their website, and follow them on Facebook.

Update 06/02: Following the release of our article, CKRC has announced a new title sponsor of their race facility. The track is now known as Strathmore Motorsports Park presented by T&T Disposal Solutions.

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