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Calgary Kart Racing Club to Use Mojo Tires in Rotax Classes

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Calgary Kart Racing Club to Use Mojo Tires in Rotax Classes

Rotax and the Mojo tire family would like to welcome Calgary Kart Club,, as the newest club to utilize Mojo Tires in all of their Rotax classes. The new Mojo D5 tire will be utilized in Senior class and the D2 will be the tire of choice for all Cadet and Junior classes. Switching to Mojo tires, CKRC will also receive a 5% return on all tire sales in the region that can go towards prizes for club members.

Joey Guyon from Overdrive Motorsports will be the official Mojo supplier for the Calgary area and Mojo tires will be available for purchase at the end of March.

Steven Chapman from BRP-Rotax stated earlier today.

“This is a great success to the Calgary Kart Racing Club and we are really happy to have them part of the Rotax and Mojo Tire program. They are now on a tire that has exceptional performance. It will be great to see interclub racing between CKRC and EDKRA at the Alberta Shoot-Out. Western Canada has been a very loyal and important market for Rotax and having most of the clubs aligned really strengthens the karting community.”

CKRC originated in the 1960s and is one of Canada’s largest karting clubs. It is home to one of the best tracks in Western Canada. The 2020 CKRC season begins on May 9. Learn more about the club on their website

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