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Calgary Kart Racing Club to Build New Track

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Calgary Kart Racing Club to Build New Track

Just 6 months after leaving their previous location due to City of Calgary landfill expansion plans, the Calgary Kart Racing Club have secured a new location to build a new track facility in the town of Strathmore just East of Calgary.  The new facility will be on 20 acres and will consist of a 1300m, 14 turn, 8m wide multi-configuration kart track.  Construction will begin immediately and the club plans to be racing on it by mid to late summer.  It will be the longest kart sprint track in Western Canada.

“This has been an incredibly challenging process over the last 2 years to get the club into a position to be able to finally start construction, said, CKRC President, John Kwong.  The number of locations that fell through before this one is staggering. The CKRC now have the perfect combination of location and length of lease for a steady future.  We are trying to utilize as many local suppliers as possible to start off on the right foot with the Town of Strathmore that has welcomed us to their community.

Strathmore is a perfect fit for us as it is still quite close to Calgary and all the amenities of a larger city are there which will make it very attractive to host future major events.


Click for larger view of the new proposed track! (Image Courtesy of CKRC)

The club is also looking for some help to get started on the new project. See the status below and volunteer if you can.

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