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Calgary Kart Racing Club Race #2 Report

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Calgary Kart Racing Club Race #2 Report

The Calgary Kart Racing Club’s second club race was run under much nicer spring conditions with temperatures hovering around 18 degees. Many members took advantage of the Saturday Test & Tune to prepare for Sunday’s event. There were 74 entries amongst all the classes with many new faces and a few returning that raced years ago. The grandstands were full for most races with the usual friends and relatives of the racers but also many residents of Strathmore coming out to enjoy the races.

Rotax Senior
A spirited battle between the top four contenders with Jacob Astren joining the fight for 3rd later on. The veteran Jake Thompson gave it all he had with a big inside move at the infield hairpin causing both he and Evan White to lose momentum allowing John Kwong to slip through to the lead. This was short lived as Evan and Jake were able to slip by a lap later. Two battles emerged for first and 3rd places. At the end, the top five finished where they started.

1. Evan White
2. Jake Thompson
3. Mark Newson
4. John Kwong
5. Jacob Astren
6. Derrick Lorraine
7. Nathan Rogi
8. Alan Taggerty
9. Kevin Canning

Junior 2 Briggs
It was brother and sister fighting for top honors again with James taking the win over Jill Altamirano separated only by 0.425 at the stripe. Levi Schmidtke and Steven Humeniuk were having their own close battle in 3rd and 4th.

1. James Altamirano
2. Jill Altamirano
3. Levi Schmidtke
4. Steven Humeniuk
5. Garrett Cook
6. Tyler Simmons
7. Hailey Lenius
8. Naomi Hanna
9. Brianna Taylor

Rotax Masters
Josh Carter won with a comfortable 6.7 margin of victory followed by Mario Giminez and Dan Peet. Dan Peet, Lonnie Ganz and past Master’s champion, Ashley Hughes battled for third with 4/10’s separating them at the finish.

1. Josh Carter
2. Mario Gimenez
3. Dan Peet
4. Ashley Hughes
5. Lonnie Ganz
6. Michael Selvaraj
7. Ray Lord
8. Peter Sammon
9. Reinaldo Varela
10. Phil Taggerty

8 combatants filled the field with 7 regular shifters and 1 DD2. Nathan Bartley and John Kwong battled hard into turns 1 and 2 with Nathan taking the lead and John falling to 3rd by Turn 3. Brian Taylor slipped into second and challenged Nathan for a few laps. John continued chasing Brian for 7 laps and made a move on the inside of Turn 7 which stuck until the end. Robin White in his rookie race and in a DD2 finished 4th.

1. Nathan Bartley
2. John Kwong
3. Brian Taylor
4. Robin White
5. Gerhard Rotes
6. Alan Taggerty
7. Rob Mcfadden
8. Garrett Smith

Junior 1 Briggs
14 J1 drivers took to the track as the 2nd largest class of the day. Nicholas Taylor took the win followed by Kiefer Peet and Enzo Sartor. The race was red flagged on lap 10 for an incident between Nicholas and his brother Zachary Taylor at Turn 5 which caused Nicholas kart to roll over. The paramedics attended to him quickly and the only injury was a bruised leg. Up until then there were many good battles inside the field with the J1 class showing great promise.

1. Nicolas Taylor
2. Kiefer Peet
3. Enzo Sartor
4. Alexander Berg
5. Nikolas Ruhrman
6. Matthew Chan
7. Alex Hillier
8. George Deadman
9. Matthew Hanna
10. Matthias Boschman

Senior Briggs Light
The largest class of the day had 16 competitors. John Kwong took the win with a 4.5 sec margin of victory. He was followed by Vinnie Surdhar and Dave Cameron who battled almost the entire race.

1. John Kwong
2. Vinnie Surdhar
3. Dave Cameron
4. Alan Taggerty
5. Aaron Mooney
6. Kevin Canning
7. Scott Meyer
8. Mark Hillier
9. Max Roy
10. Denny Simon

James Altamirano took the win over Spencer Perreault and Enzo Sartor with Kiefer Peet DQ’d for being underweight.

1. James Altamirano
2. Spencer Perreault
3. Enzo Sartor
4. Kiefer Peet

Junior Max
Connor Peet took the win by 5.1 sec followed by Tyler Kozma and Levi Schmidtke.

1. Connor Peet
2. Tyler Kozma
3. Levi Schmidtki

Upcoming events at North Star Raceway
– CKRC Club Races 3 & 4 on May 28,29

Photos by: Dan Fredickson


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