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Briggs & Stratton Release 2014 LO206 Ruleset

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Briggs & Stratton Release 2014 LO206 Ruleset

Briggs & Stratton have released their Factory Rule Set/Rule book for 2014. An interesting move see’s no changes to the program by a way of factory rules with the exception of the date on the cover.

“This year’s 206 rule set was a difficult one as we had to change last year’s cover page from 2013 to 2014,”

stated David Klaus, Director – Briggs and Stratton Racing. “That falls in line with our goal of this program, that cost-effective racing is about long-term stability. The 206 is for the racers, built by racers, and backed by a common sense approach to rules and backed a company in the full-time business of racing. The part of the month club, the rule changes driven on self-interest instead of our racers best interest, will NEVER be a part of our factory rule set. That doesn’t make for better racing, it takes away from it. If you get beat it should be because you missed the setup or blew a corner, not because you have the latest widget or were out spent. In 206 racing, the finish is up to you.”

The full rulebook can be found on the Briggs & Stratton website.

Supplementary rules for Briggs & Stratton classes racing in Canada have yet to be confirmed.

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