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Briggs Report: Baxter and Signoretti Drive to CRFKC Driver of the Day Awards


Briggs Report: Baxter and Signoretti Drive to CRFKC Driver of the Day Awards

There was a spectacular turnout of drivers once again at the Champion Ron Fellows Karting Challenge as Ontario’s best club racers convened on a jam-packed Mosport Kartways facility Saturday afternoon for a unique afternoon-evening event. In total, there were 218 drivers entered including a pair of Briggs & Stratton classes that neared the 40-kart mark.

With thousands of race fans in attendance for the Mobil 1 Sports Car Grand Prix weekend at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park in the background of the kart track, drivers had a larger audience to race in front of and the feeling of a true spectator sport event to race for.

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Briggs & Stratton Report

Once again it was the Briggs & Stratton classes that provided the best show at the CRFKC. Briggs Junior and Senior featured 39 karts each while Junior Lite was 30 strong. A dozen drivers in Cadet is a growing class and Masters had 28, one of it’s highest turnouts in the past few years.

Traveling all the way from Nova Scotia to take part, Callum Baxter was looking for his next challenge as a Cadet driver. He found it at Mosport on Saturday in the likes of Ayden Ingratta.While Ingratta was untouchable at the first round of the CRFKC, when Baxter arrived at Mosport it was a whole different scenario.

Baxter took the upper hand in Qualifying but an intense battle in the PreFinal set up the thrilling match for the Final with the two together on the front row.

Normally in Cadet, there isn’t much battling as the young group of racers are learning and developing every time they hit the track. This was not the case in the Final as the two drivers went head-to-head, trading the lead, lap after lap.

With their families cheering them on track-side, the last lap flag was out and Ingratta was in the lead. Baxter made the first move, but Ingratta returned the favour. Through the bowl, the advantage was still Ingratta’s until Baxter flew up the inside on corner nine and made it stick through the final chicane. Drag racing out of the final corner, Baxter just edged Ingratta at the finish line to score the win! Behind them, Daniel Ali took the third and final step of podium followed by Carson Bartlett and Kenyon Stewart.

For his great racing efforts, Baxter was named the CRFKC Junior Driver of the Day.

Callum Baxter leading Ayden Ingratta (Photo by: Cody Schindel / CKN)

To close out the evening, Briggs & Stratton Senior rolled off the grid with the sun nearing it’s setting stage and visibility beginning to fade. The unique opportunity doesn’t arise much in Ontario and it made for a very cool spectacle to finish up the great day of action.

On the pole-position was Alex Murphy with Pearce Herder alongside and Marco Signoretti and Michael Glaze in row two.

The massive pack roared up the hill after the green flag flew and for the most part, everyone made it through the opening few corners. Immediately a pack built up for the lead with Glaze leading the way. Murphy was swallowed up in the early laps and fell back while Herder, Signoretti and Glaze took turns out front.

Fast forward to the end and it was a mad-flurry for position. Glaze held the spot until Signoretti found his way by with support from Herder. However, Herder’s race came to an end when he was driven into and over by Tyler McCullough, who had charged to the front late. McCullough’s teammate Jon Treadwell became collateral damage in the accident and his race also ended early on the final lap.

When the dust settled, it was Signoretti holding off Glaze at the line with Marco Di Leo earning the third spot after McCullough was penalized. Finishing fourth was Logan Cusson who not only set the fastest lap of the race, but also climbed 33 spots on the day after starting the PreFinal from the tail of the field.

Signoretti, who also competed in Rotax Senior and finished fourth, was named CRFKC Senior of the Day for his efforts in taking home the big victory. We had a chance to ask him about the conditions and the award.

“When the sun began to set, the air and track temperature dropped noticeably. Darryl Timmers made some last minute carburetor adjustments to compensate which really helped. The visibility wasn’t great but we’ve all done enough laps at Mosport that we know our way around. Being named Senior Driver of the Day is a satisfying feeling. I felt that our Briggs final was exciting to watch and I’m happy that we got the win for Energy Corse and PRO.”
-Marco Signoretti

Marco Signoretti (Photo by: Cody Schindel / CKN)

Gabriel Savoie managed the keep Kai Daiziel at bay from start to finish to take home the win in Briggs Junior with Khloe Drummond taking third.

Briggs Masters saw Marc Stehle cross as the victor in the final, but he rolled across the scales just underweight and turned the win over to Darren Kearnen followed by Quinn Duesburry and Stephen Goebel.

Finally, in Briggs Junior Lite, Jake Cowden drove brilliantly to take home the win over Nicholas Gilkes and round one winner Connor Pritiko.

Round two of the Champion Ron Fellows Karting Challenge takes place in three weeks time back at Mosport Kartways on Saturday July 29. Briggs & Stratton drivers will also have the chance to take part in the CRFKC Briggs & Stratton Summer Festival on Sunday July 30.

Briggs Junior Lite coming to the green flag (Photo by: Cody Schindel / CKN)

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