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Briggs Masters Get Stuck in the Rain on Slicks


Briggs Masters Get Stuck in the Rain on Slicks

For the second time this season, the Briggs Masters drivers were left stranded on the Mosport Karting Centre track when the rain came falling down, and once again, it wasn’t just a little sprinkle, it was a heavy downpour.

This time, the Masters were a little more prepared with air filter covers and their Briggs 206 engines didn’t have to suffer nearly as much as earlier this summer.

Eli Yanko (TonyKart) was the early leader on the dry track but was challenged by Jamie MacArthur (TNT Kart) when the rain began to fall. A small spin by MacArthur moved him down the order and allowed Yanko to regain the lead until Darren Kearnan (TNT Kart) came knocking on the door.

Kearnan slipped into the lead with three laps to go as the track really became slick, and never pushed it too hard into a mistake.

Handling the conditions, both the best and the worst, Ian MacIntyre (CL Kart) charged forward three different times during the race, only to push too hard and spin out and lose everything he gained.

At the finish line, Kearnan was four seconds ahead of Yanko and MacIntyre, who snagged the final podium spot away from Robert Holowcenzko (TNT Kart) on the final lap.

MRFKC2 Briggs Masters Saturday Final Results

1Darren Kearnan
2Eli Yanko3.914
3Ian MacIntyre6.943
4Robert Holowczenko8.477
5Stephen Goebel9.141
6Rich Folino14.183
7Jamie MacArthur17.788
8Dan Skilton20.817
9Andres Lopez28.330
10Craig Steane31.628
11Greg Scollard5 laps
12Corey Walsh9 laps
13Randell Sorochan13 laps

Sunday’s Final was everything we expected the Briggs Masters race to be; pretty quiet in the beginning, a little shuffling at the front through the middle, and one crazy final lap and six-kart drag race to the finish line.

Once again it was Yanko upfront, with Stephen Goebel (CL Kart) also leading a few laps early on. Rich Folino (BirelART), Kearnan and MacArthur were in the mix while MacIntyre joined in the action after starting at the rear.

Waiting until the final corner of the final lap, Goebel wedged his kart between Yanko and the inside curb of the final corner. With four karts waiting for the action, it was a scramble through the corner with wheels and side pods banging. Three wide on the exit, MacIntyre had the best exit speed, as did Folino, while Goebel and Yanko slid out wide.

All six crossed the line within 0.6 seconds with MacIntyre on top followed by Folino and Yanko in the other podium positions.

MRFKC2 Briggs Masters Sunday Final Results

1Ian MacIntyre
2Rich Folino0.200
3Eli Yanko0.406
4Stephen Goebel0.415
5Darren Kearnan0.560
6Greg Scollard3.884
7Robert Holowczenko4.881
8Corey Walsh5.309
9Jamie MacArthur5.431
10Dan Skilton8.463
11Andres Lopez9.038
12Quinn Dewsbury18.213
13Nuno Branco32.423
14Randell Sorochan33.255

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