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Briggs Junior Finals Come Down to the Finish Line!


Briggs Junior Finals Come Down to the Finish Line!

Between the three Briggs Junior division races this weekend at Shannonville Motorsports Park, the gap biggest gap between first and second place was 0.017 seconds and one was even called a tie!

These Juniors really put on a showcase during the KartStars Canadian National Championships on the Shannonville circuit better known for bike and car racing but showed just how great of a kart track it really is.

In Saturday’s KartStars Junior Final which put a number of the Juniors versus the Junior Lites, we had a six-kart race for the win.

Elias McKenzie (CL Kart) led the early laps until Braedon Fowler (Intrepid) passed on lap three. The mix upfront also included Gavin Goldie (Intrepid), Christian Savaglio (TonyKart), Sam David (Intrepid) and Nathan Dupuis (Intrepid).

The race really opened up with three laps to go. McKenzie pulled out to pass on the straight and regained the lead with a push from Goldie. The next time down by Goldie grabbed the lead back from McKenzie and Fowler also advanced to second, while Savaglio and David mixed it up for fourth.

Coming around the final corner to the finish line, Goldie opted for the inside and McKenzie used the draft and pulled up alongside in a race to the finish line.

By eye, it was too close to call and according to the transponders, McKenzie was ahead by 0.001 seconds. However, a review of photos and video showed Goldie’s front bumper was first to the line and after a night’s worth of deliberations, KartStars officials decided that the pair of Goldie and McKenzie would be scored as Co-Winners.

Not to be left out, David overtook both Fowler and Savaglio on the final lap to advance onto the podium for the second time of the weekend.

KartStars Canada National Championship – KartStars Junior Final Results

1Elias McKenzie
1Gavin Goldie0.000
3Sam David1.229
4Braedon Fowler1.290
5Christian Savaglio1.601
6Nathan Dupuis1.731
7Stefano Picerno6.970
8Declan Black7.009
9Tyler Desrosiers7.197
10Michael Ing7.338
11Talon Clarke9.340
12Leoluca Dicarlo12.725
13Elijah Joshi13.365
14Natalie Parker13.438
15Joey Lecce16.080
16Max Franceschelli16.536
17Luka Jakimovski19.498
18Ethan Pollack20.168
19Sebastian Matthews26.966
20Carson Bartlett31.800
21Joshua Soumvalis1 lap
22Shae Clarke10 laps
23Scotty Watkins10 laps
24Jacob ParkerDNS
25Michael SchwabDNS

Sunday’s races were just as close and once again, one of them was decided by 0.001 seconds. What are the odds?

Briggs Junior Lite featured five drivers in the lead pack in the opening laps with pole-sitter Talon Clarke (Intrepid) leading the way ahead of Dupuis, McKenzie, Stefano Picerno (Exprit) and Luka Jakimovski (Intrepid)

Dupuis went to the lead on lap two, but was freight-trained on lap three and fell back to fifth, eventually fading away from the lead pack as the laps ticked away.

The lead swapped between Clarke and McKenzie until trouble found Clarke with four laps to go. His kart slowed exiting the bus stop and a mechanical issue ended his bid for victory early.

McKenzie was now in the lead with Jakimovski glued to his rear bumper, followed by Picerno.

Making his kart as wide as he legally could, McKenzie remained on top while both Jakimovski and Picerno looked for a way by.

The inside line was defended perfectly by McKenzie and once again it came down to a race to the finish line.

Picerno pulled out of the draft to get alongside McKenzie, but his momentum just wasn’t enough in time as McKenzie beat him to the finish line. Jakimovski also tried to draft to the lead, but crossed 0.083 seconds behind and still scored a great podium finish, while Dupuis was a distant fourth and Joey Lecce (Intrepid) won the race for fifth.

KartStars Canada National Championship – Briggs Junior Lite Final Results

1Elias McKenzie
2Stefano Picerno0.001
3Luka Jakimovski0.083
4Nathan Dupuis5.654
5Joey Lecce10.624
6Declan Black10.628
7Leoluca Dicarlo10.748
8Joshua Soumvalis17.720
9Jacob Parker28.374
10Talon Clarke4 laps

In the final race of the weekend, it was fitting that one final time we had a near photo-finish to cap off a great return of karts to the famed Shannonville circuit.

A five-kart battle emerged upfront as a few drivers sought out their third podium of the weekend.

This time it was Michael Ing (Awesome Kart) leading Fowler, Savaglio, Goldie and David.

The lead changed often in this one as Ing, Fowler and Savaglio all wanted to lead. Contact on lap six between Ing and Goldie sent Ing off the track and out of contention once he finally got back up to speed.

No matter what seemed to happen, Fowler would regain the lead before the completion of each closing lap.

On the final lap, Savaglio went to the absolute inside of the track to find enough room underneath Fowler to get the lead into corner one.

Emerging from the final corner, it looked like Savaglio had it, defending the lead well, but Fowler once again pulled out of the draft at the perfect time and used the momentum to beat Savaglio to the line by 0.017 seconds, while Goldie and David were just a little further back after fighting for third.

Unfortunately for Savaglio, he was excluded from the results in post-race tech, and Goldie received a one-position penalty for the contact with Ing. This set the final podium with Fowler on top for his second win, followed by David, with his third podium, and Goldie, also with his third podium, with Ing fourth and Tyler Desrosiers (Ricciardo Kart) heading back home with a solid fifth-place finish.

KartStars Canada National Championship – Briggs Junior Final Results

1Braedon Fowler
2Sam David0.407
3Gavin Goldie0.242
4Michael Ing4.475
5Tyler Desrosiers6.615
6Carson Bartlett15.650
7Elijah Joshi17.004
8Shae Clarke29.785
9Max Franceschelli6 laps
10Natalie Parker11 laps
11Christian SavaglioDQ

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