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Brian Campbell appointed deputy scruteneer at the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals (RMCGF)

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Brian Campbell appointed deputy scruteneer at the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals (RMCGF)

Brian Campbell

Well known and respected in the Canadian Karting community, Brian Campbell has been involved in the Rotax Max Challenge Program for over 10 years. Brian is the Canadian National technical inspector and the Canadian RMC chief inspector.  BRP-Powertrain, in an effort to have the best people from around the world involved in the RMCGF, have offered Brian the opportunity to be one of the assistants of the Chief Scruteneer  Paul Klassen at the 2012 Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals in Portugal next November.

For Patrick Moreau, person responsible of the Canadian RMC program, “This offer is an honor for Brian Campbell and it is well deserved. Brian is well known for being very competent and for his knowledge of the rules. Brian is one of the best inspectors I’ve seen in my career, not only because of his knowledge of the regulation, but also for his general mechanical knowledge and the way he handles problems that technical inspectors face during events.  This is why he is our chief inspector for the Canadian RMC. This invitation from BRP-Powertrain  (Rotax)  is a way of recognizing  his excellent work throughout the years”.

As for Robert Gumpenberger, BRP-Powertrain head of the global Rotax Max Challenge program, “it is important to have officials representing different parts of the world at the Grand Finals.  As our program is basically the same all around the world, this gives us the opportunity to invite the best inspectors from different regions of the world.  I have been in contact with Mr Campbell for a  few years now regarding the Canadian RMC program and  I am extremely happy to have him in the Grand Finals scruteneering team.

The Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals will take place in Portimao, Portugal, November 26th to December 1st. For more information about the event, visit

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