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BREAKING: ROK Cup Florida Winter Tour Moves Round Two to Ocala Gran Prix

Ocala Gran Prix (Photo courtesy: Jonathan Perdomo / ROK Cup USA)


BREAKING: ROK Cup Florida Winter Tour Moves Round Two to Ocala Gran Prix

After a successful opening round to the 2021 ROK Cup USA Florida Winter Tour that boasted more than two hundred entries, changes have been made to the location for round two. Set to take place at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida, international travel restrictions have forced series officials to move the location north to Ocala Gran Prix.

“These kinds of decisions are never easy. ROK Cup Promotions has been very fortunate over the last ten months not having to move dates around or cancel events, but with the new travel restrictions implemented by the US and Canadian government, we have to adjust,” explained ROK Cup USA’s Garett Potter. “Some recent travel regulation changes do not allow international competitors or their families to enter or leave the USA without a significant expense, and therefore we fear that will hurt our international participation, mainly from our ROKKER families up north in Canada.”

Potter added, “As many of you know, the cost to build and operate a temporary circuit is four or five times more expensive than a purpose-built track. We are committed to offing unique and cool events to our racers but at the same time we need to keep an eye on the health of ROK CUP Promotions. I want to thank the management team at Tropicana Field for working with us, and we are looking at the possibilities of another date in 2020. Also, thank you to our friends at Ocala Gran Prix for opening the doors on short notice to all ROKKERs that will compete during round two. One of the best permanent facilities in the state of Florida, Jorge Arellano and Ocala Gran Prix are always there and willing to help.”

Ocala Gran Prix will now be the home for rounds two and three of the Florida Winter Tour.

FWT RD2 Information:

  • For assistance in moving hotels from St. Petersburg to Ocala, please email
  • All pit requests will be handled by OGP, please contact Frank at or 352-291-0600.
  • OGP will be open for practice starting Wednesday, February 17th and Thursday practice will be operated by OGP. If a Thursday practice pass was already purchased, ROK Cup USA will inform Ocala and you will not be charged for that day.
  • Drivers, mechanics, team principals and crew will need a Kart Pass Pit Pass for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Registration and passes need to be completed in the Kart Pass App.
  • FWT RD2 will be run clockwise; RD3 counterclockwise.
  • FWT RD2 Schedule can be downloaded HERE.

More news to come later this week but please stay tuned to our social media pages and website.

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