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Breaking: Coupe du Quebec Moves to KCR Karting This Weekend; Big Prize Money Up for Grabs

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Breaking: Coupe du Quebec Moves to KCR Karting This Weekend; Big Prize Money Up for Grabs

Late last weekend, officials of the Coupe du Quebec Championship were informed that this weekends event at Thetford Mines would not be possible and were forced to relocate the event. Stepping up to the plate to ensure that karters still had a chance to race, KCR Karting has replaced Thetford Mines and the third round of the Coupe du Quebec Championship will still go on as planned.

Doing everything they can to ensure the best possible event in less than one week of preparation time, KCR Karting has made a few changes to the format of the weekends event, starting with closing the track off on Saturday to those hoping to practice, instead KCR is encouraging racers to show up on Sunday morning. Drivers will be given two rounds of morning warm-up on Sunday before the standard race day procedure that includes Qualifying, a PreFinal and Final race.

“I see the struggle we have in karting right now, especially in Quebec and I really didn’t want to see us lose another race,” explained Alex Louet of KCR Karting. “It is last minute but we wanted to ensure there was a place to race this weekend and we’ve kept it very simple to keep the costs down as well. We welcome all drivers who want to race this weekend to come out to KCR Karting.”

One interesting note is the absence of both the Rotax Senior and Rotax DD2 categories. With both having very poor turnouts at the opening round at SRA Karting, the series has opted to leave them off the schedule completely at KCR, which was also the intention for Thetford Mines.

Briggs Junior, Senior and Masters will be accompanied by Micro-Max, Mini-Max, Rotax Junior and ROK Shifter.

$2100.00 in prize money is also being offered up this weekend and will be spread across all of the classes. The official winning denominations will be confirmed on race day and based on the number of entries in each category.

As usual, the event will be recorded and broadcasted on RDS TV.

Be sure to support this weekends race by joining the KCR Facebook Event. #SupportTheSport


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