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Bonham Shows How It’s Done at Shannonville


Bonham Shows How It’s Done at Shannonville

The coach showed his students how to get it done at Shannonville Motorsports Park on the weekend during the KartStars Canadian National Championship.

Dale Bonham has been busy this season coaching a number of drivers at Goodwood Kartways and helping get the scholarship team drivers up to speed, but he jumped at the opportunity to race at Shannonville and showed his prospects that he can still wheel a go-kart to victory.

After missing out on the win Friday night by 0.004 seconds, Bonham suited up Saturday in Briggs Senior and once again it was a head-to-head battle with Nicky Palladino (Exprit Kart) for the win.

With an early race battle for third slowing up the chasing pack, the two broke free and Palladino smartly stayed glued to the rear bumper of Bonham to push away.

With nobody else to worry about, Palladino waited until the final lap to seek out his second victory of the weekend, but Bonham had revenge on his mind.

Driving right down to the edge of the asphalt on the main straight as the pair received the final lap board, Palladino swung wide entering corner one. Bonham parked himself right in the middle of the apex to block any pass through the first sector. The defensive driving continued into the back sweeper and this left it up to a drag race to the finish line out of the final corner.

Bonham opted for a half defensive line, leaving Palladino the inside. Getting up alongside, the pair were separated by 0.027 seconds at the line with Bonham ahead by a couple of inches.

The intense race for third featured Jake Cowden (Awesome Kart) winning a three-wide race to the finish line, narrowly edging out Zach Boam (BirelART) and Javier Ruiz (Intrepid Kart).

KartStars Canada National Championship – Briggs Senior Final Results

1Dale Bonham
2Nicky Palladino0.027
3Jake Cowden5.996
4Zach Boam6.014
5Javier Ruiz6.081
6Ryan Brutzki6.234
7Kevin May6.580
8Chad Webster6.850
9Jelena Latkovic6.969
10Ethan Waters7.067
11Brennan Taylor7.311
12Ciarra Collison7.760
13Anthony Frattaroli11.560
14Brodie Myer12.946
15Jarvis Noon14.357
16Alex Chong21.748
17Logan Prince22.801
18Daniel Rampino25.104
19Tommy Latkovic32.548
20Dale Lajoie10 laps
21Jayden Elphage6.753

With Palladino opting to focus on his Rok Senior ride on Sunday, Bonham had other drivers to contend with in the KartStars Senior race.

A little chaos in the PreFinal took out a number of contenders including David Patrick (BirelART), Kevin May (BirelART) and forced them to start the final from the rear.

The action continued early in the Final as Cowden got caught up with Brodie Myer (SodiKart) and Daniel Demaras (Intrepid Kart) exiting corner three on the opening lap, ending their chances.

A four-kart train formed upfront with Brennan Taylor (Awesome Kart) leading Steven MacVoy (Ricciardo Kart), Bonham and Boam.

They settled in for the first five laps until Bonham dove up in the inside of MacVoy to steal second, and he did the same the following lap to gain the lead from Taylor, bringing MacVoy with him.

The race was on from there and the leader Bonham defended the inside on the straights.

MacVoy tried to get under Bonham on the final lap, kicking up a bunch of dust, but he just didn’t quite get alongside and had to back out going into one. This allowed Taylor to pass on the outside before corner two.

A little contact slowed the pair up enough that Bonham was free and half a lap later, Bonham crossed the finish line with a fist pump and a leg in the air to celebrate his second win of the weekend.

Taylor edged out MacVoy at the finish line for second, while Boam could only watch it all in fourth. Ciarra Collison (BirelART) won the battle for fifth against her Collison racing teammates Kris Martin (BirelART) and Steve Lyons (BirelART).

KartStars Canada National Championship – KartStars Senior Final Results

1Dale Bonham
2Brennan Taylor0.410
3Steven MacVoy0.469
4Zach Boam0.700
5Ciarra Collison3.689
6Steve Lyons3.943
7Kris Martin4.028
8Jake Cowden5.007
9Dave Patrick8.872
10Daniel Demaras8.921
11Kevin May9.384
12Anthony Frattaroli15.771
13JD Savaglio21.476
14Alex Chong24.857
15Brodie Myer10.760
16Daniel Rampino25.065
17Matt Cameron1 lap
18Levon Beaudin3 laps
19Jelena Latkovic10 laps
20Jake Collison12 laps

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