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Boam Earns Champion Fine Tuned Award with MRFKC Briggs Masters Win


Boam Earns Champion Fine Tuned Award with MRFKC Briggs Masters Win

Zach Boam (BirelART) and Stephen Goebel (CL Kart) each scored a Briggs Masters race win and stood on the podium twice during the second round of the MotoMaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship at the Canadian Mini Indy.

On Saturday, Boam led every single lap of the Final, posting the quickest lap of the race and built up a gap big enough that his fellow competitors could not close en route to the win. It grabbed the attention of the MRFKC staff, who awarded him the Champion Fine Tuned Award and the $500.00 prize that came along with it.

Goebel held off Rich Folino (BirelART) to take second, with all six drivers in the race posting their fastest lap time within two-tenths of each other as the small field was very close in competition.

On Sunday, it was a five-kart race with each driver having their turn leading the pack. Folino was the early race leader before Levon Beaudin (BirelART) went to the top. Darren Kearnon (TonyKart) took his turn in the lead on lap eighteen, but three laps later, he was shuffled back to fifth as the freight-train led by Goebel made their way by.

Under pressure from both Boam, Folino and Beaudin, Goebel had to work very hard to keep them at bay, but managed to execute a great final lap to stay out front and take the victory. Beaudin won the race for second, while Boam was third, followed by Folino and Kearnon. All five drivers crossed the finish line in a matter of eight-tenths of a second.

Race Result: MRFKC R3 Briggs Masters Final

  1. Zach Boam
  2. Stephen Goebel +1.483
  3. Rich Folino +1.576
  4. Darren Kearnon +9.329
  5. Eli Yanko +9.418
  6. Levon Beaudin

Race Result: MRFKC R4 Briggs Masters Final

  1. Stephen Goebel
  2. Levon Beaudin +0.184
  3. Zachary Boam +0.334
  4. Rich Folino +0.600
  5. Darren Kearnon +0.756
  6. Eli Yanko

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