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Big Victory for Ethan Bound in Briggs Junior Final at Kart Stars Nationals


Big Victory for Ethan Bound in Briggs Junior Final at Kart Stars Nationals

Team VSR teammates Ethan Bound (TonyKart) and Lily Flintoff (TonyKart) drag-raced to the finish line and were separated by only 0.082 seconds in the Briggs Junior Final at the Kart Stars Nationals at Goodwood Kartways.

After pulling off a pass in the second last corner, Bound was the first to cross the stripe, just ahead of Flintoff.

Early in the race, Bound traded the top position with Nicholas Gilkes (BirelART) and the battle allowed Flintoff to catch up and join the race for the lead.

When the two VSR drivers linked up, all Gilkes could do was watch as the duo pulled away.

Bound led until the final lap when Flintoff snuck up the inside in corner five to grab the lead. Making it through the second sector still in the lead, it looked like Flintoff was in control. But Bound had other options and pulled off a great pass in corner nine.

Winning the short drag race to the finish line, Bound was ecstatic with the victory, sharing that when he gets a race win, his little brother gets to take home the trophy, a very kind gesture.

Jayden Elphage (CL Kart) closed in on Gilkes at the end but wasn’t quite close enough to attempt a pass before the checkered flag, while Friday’s pole-sitter Anthony Boscia (BirelART) wound up fifth.

Race Result: Briggs Junior Final

  1. Ethan Bound
  2. Lily Flintoff
  3. Nicholas Gilkes
  4. Jayden Elphage
  5. Anthony Boscia
  6. Nathan Yu
  7. Michael Ing
  8. Mackenzie Milwain
  9. Michael Schwab
  10. Owen Knowles

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