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BC’s West Coast Kart Club Set to Open GMR Track for Test & Tune Only

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BC’s West Coast Kart Club Set to Open GMR Track for Test & Tune Only

The following is an announcement from Erik Gerlof of the Western Coast Kart Club in Chilliwack, British Columbia about their plan to re-open the Greg Moore Raceway kart track for test and tune only while cancelling all of their competitions initially scheduled for the month of May.

Fellow racers,

The executive of Western Coast Kart Club has been following the developments in regards to the Covid-19 pandemic closely. Since we are dealing with a world-wide pandemic we need to be extremely careful how we proceed. Especially from a media scrutinizing aspect. Reality is karting is farthest from essential. It is a luxury and privileged sport.

We see more business and outdoor recreation facilities re-open under strict health regulations. Taking all these factors into consideration the executive has decided to re-open the facility for WCKC practice members test & tune only as of May 1, 2020. All racing events are cancelled for the month of May until further notice. If you are not a WCKC practice member and would like to become one, or you would like to upgrade your membership click here:

As expected the BC Health Authorities mandates a large amount of restrictions and regulations for us to follow in order to open the facility, and remain it open. There will be a requirement for signing in to keep track of how many persons there are at the facility, among other rules and regulations as per BC Health Authorities.

We would like to thank you for your patience and trust in the executive. We truly hope to have found a good balance for allowing our members to release some stress that these times bring. As the situation evolves we will be updating the membership as soon as we have more information or additional regulations or even extending the amount of drivers allowed in the future. Please remember that the health authorities can close our facility or groups of activities on short notice.

On behalf of the executive,

Erik Gerlof
West Coast Kart Club

To all kart tracks and clubs across Canada:

We want to hear from you about your plans to re-open. CKN will be compiling a list of all tracks and the dates they plan to open and to what capacities. While we know racing is not an option at the moment, testing and practice is potentially available and we would like to share that information to those craving some track time. Reach out to us at

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