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BC Summer Sprint Series is a Go!

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BC Summer Sprint Series is a Go!

Three organizations in British Columbia have come together to build a three-race provincial mini-series, competing at great tracks and helping bring the region together to determine their provincial champions.

The West Coast Kart Club, Vancouver Island Karting Association and Club KartPlex Karting Association will each host one race of the program during one of their regular club racing events. Each race will be a double-header event spread over two days and will feature awards for national and international programs.

In a publication on the West Coast Kart Club website, the release states, “The series has been designed to allow all competitors in the region to have a place to race head to head on a level playing field while also offering ‘In Category’ awards for popular national and international programs (Rok Cup, Rotax).”

The first race will take place on Vancouver Island on May 7-8. Round two will be in Chilliwack on August 20-21 and the series will wrap up at KartPlex on September 3-4.

Each kart club will host each event including registration and practice while the series will follow the WCKC rules structure.

More information to come.

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