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Baxter Nearly Doubles Up Again in Briggs Junior


Baxter Nearly Doubles Up Again in Briggs Junior

For the second Motomaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship race in a row, we witnessed a great head-to-head battle between Callum Baxter (Kosmic) and Jordan West (BirelART) and before a pushback bumper penalty on Sunday afternoon, Baxter came close to sweeping the race wins for a second time this season.

Only minutes before the Briggs Junior division was set to take the track for their Final on Saturday, Mother Nature delivered a heavy rainstorm and a lengthy delay to the start of their race due to lightning.

When it was finally clear to race again, a drizzle remained falling and every kart took to a very wet Mosport Karting Centre circuit, clawing for any ounce of grip they could find.

Baxter led the way with Ethan Donkers (TonyKart) and Nolan Hofrichter (BirelART) in tow. The mixed choice of racing lines around the track showed just how challenging the conditions were.

Keeping the pressure on the leader, Donkers took a shot at the top with a pass on lap five, but Baxter fired back a lap later and Hofrichter followed him through into second.

Coming through the field from eleventh on the grid, West was on the move and with four laps remaining he moved into second place, passing his teammate.

Closing in on the race leader late, West ran out of time before the checkered flag as Baxter scored his third MRFKC Briggs Junior win in a row over West and Hofrichter. Unfortunately, a pushback bumper penalty moved West back to sixth in the results and elevated Noah Taylor (CL Kart) onto the podium after he worked by Donkers on the final lap.

MRFKC2 Briggs Junior Saturday Final Results

1Callum Baxter
2Nolan Hofrichter0.363
3Noah Taylor2.038
4Ethan Donkers2.758
5Scotty Watkins4.204
6Jordan West5.158
7Jaden Harry8.980
8Mitchell Morrow12.154
9Joseph Launi18.178
10Caden Drummond18.723
11Carson Bartlett21.034
12Ryder Hare21.148
13Blaise Darmaga24.045
14Jake McNeely24.470
15Johnathan Petrone27.494
16Ian Qiu27.687
17Branco Juverdianu39.389
18Matt McCallum51.089
19Samuel Gow3 laps

It stayed dry on Sunday and from third on the grid, Ian Qiu (Awesome Kart) made a slick move after the drop of the green flag to split the two front-row starters and move into the early race lead of the Final. Branco Juverdianu (BirelART) also had a great start to get into second and on lap two, found his way around Qiu for the race lead.

The shuffling up front continued for a few more laps as Donkers was next to go for the lead before West regained the position that he started in.

From sixth on the grid, Baxter was steadily moving towards the front and on lap six he moved by both Donkers and West to take the lead.

West clung onto the rear bumper of the leader for the remainder of the rain but Baxter defended like the two-time Canadian Champion that he is and never relinquished the lead to the checkered flag.

West fended off an attack from Donkers to cross in second, while Qiu got by Hofrichter on the final lap for fourth.

At the scales, Baxter received a five-second penalty for a pushback bumper violation, moving him all the way back to sixth in the rankings and putting West, Donkers and Qiu on the podium.

MRFKC2 Briggs Junior Sunday Final Results

1Jordan West
2Ethan Donkers0.557
3Ian Qiu0.687
4Nolan Hofrichter0.970
5Branco Juverdianu4.275
6Callum Baxter4.577
7Noah Taylor6.663
8Mitchell Morrow6.737
9Joseph Launi12.512
10Jake McNeely12.788
11Jaden Harry22.215
12Blaise Darmaga22.468
13Ryder Hare22.609
14Johnathon Petrone25.937
15Samuel Gow26.704
16Scotty Watkins32.073
17Caden Drummond32.147
18Matt McCallum32.245
19Carson Bartlett3 laps

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