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Barnes Sweeps the Show in Epic MRFKC Briggs Senior Weekend


Barnes Sweeps the Show in Epic MRFKC Briggs Senior Weekend

Over two weekends of great competition at the Canadian Mini Indy, David Barnes (BirelART) went unbeaten in the Finals of Briggs Senior. Barnes managed to hit his marks at the perfect times and erupted with a pair of MotoMaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship victories, along with the Saturday Pfaff High Performer award.

On Saturday, Barnes led the race early with a push from his Prime Powerteam teammate Jordan Prior (BirelART). The duo got away early, but the chasing pair of Jon Treadwell (BirelART), Adam Ali (Kosmic) closed in by lap 10 of the 25 lap feature race and the race for the lead opened up.

Prior felt the pressure mounting and went to the lead on lap twelve with Treadwell following through. Then it was Treadwell’s turn at the top on lap fifteen and that shuffled Prior back to fourth. Four laps later, Barnes returned to the top and contact between the remaining three allowed Barnes to break free with a decent gap.

Treadwell and Prior tried to work together to close back in but ran out of laps and Barnes secured the victory. Prior managed to sneak by on the final lap to take second, while Ali also got by and completed the podium ahead of Treadwell and Pearce Herder (Awesome Kart).

Race Result: MRFKC R3 Briggs Senior Final

  1. David Barnes
  2. Jordan Prior +2.867
  3. Adam Ali +2.967
  4. Jonathon Treadwell +3.169
  5. Pearce Herder +5.416
  6. Nicholas Hornbostel +5.778
  7. Gianluca Savaglio +5.838
  8. Logan Ploder +10.052
  9. Jake Cowden +10.141
  10. Nicholas Scarfo +10.728
  11. Tim Salvatore
  12. Maddox Heacock
  13. Khloe Drummond
  14. Avery Miller
  15. Anthony Quezada
  16. Brennan Taylor
  17. Keidon Fletcher
  18. Logan Smout
  19. Tom Fredericks
  20. Liam Cusask
  21. Shawn Knowlton
  22. Alec Drummond
  23. Julian Di Giola
  24. Kaitlyn Freier
  25. Patrick Lalievre
  26. Cameron Hogg
  27. Alex Murphy
  28. Tyler Freier
  29. Brendan Miller

Jordan Prior (389) leading the field at the start on Saturday

Back on track for MRFKC round four on Sunday, those on hand may have witnessed one of the most exciting four-cycle races in decades. On paper, there were only seven lead changes, but there were many, many more. The lead pack was anywhere from seven to eleven karts long and just when we thought the race may have been settled, the unexpected occurred in the final three corners with chaos allowing Barnes to advance four spots to erupt with the victory and the weekend sweep.

Gianluca Savaglio (Kosmic) led the field to green, but Jake Cowden (Awesome Kart) lept out the lead with a great drive into the first corner. Behind, Herder, Treadwell, Nicholas Hornbostel (Kosmic), Prior and Barnes shuffled the top-five every lap.

Hornbostel was the first to overtake Cowden on lap twelve. The opened the floodgates as on back to back laps, the leader was demoted to fifth place. Prior eventually found his way to the lead on lap fifteen and he led for two laps until Treadwell regained the lead in corner four. Hornbostel tried to follow him through but ended up on top of Prior and the two came to a halt.

The accident allowed Treadwell to build up a big lead. The chasing pack then worked together to close back in on the leader. Cowden led Ali, Herder and Barnes and the chase was on.

Lap after lap the gap closed up a little bit and as the last lap board was displayed the pack had caught the race leader. Treadwell managed to keep everyone at bay through the first sector. Slowing them up as much as he could, he was still in the lead through the second sector. Entering the final braking corner of the track, corner seven, Treadwell dove to the inside and defended as best he could. The pack all barreled in on him and there was no shortage of contact and karts ending up in the grass. The crowd roared, and roared again as every driver in that top-ten put it all on the line.

Making it to the final corner first was Barnes followed closely by Ali, a disappointed Treadwell, Alex Murphy (BirelART) and Avery Miller (CL Kart). Cowden, Prior, Herder, Brennan Taylor (Awesome Kart) and Logan Ploder (CL Kart) completed the top-ten in a race many will talk about for years to come.

Race Result: MRFKC R4 Briggs Senior Final

  1. David Barnes
  2. Adam Ali +0.275
  3. Jonathon Treadwell +0.280
  4. Alex Murphy +1.309
  5. Avery Miller +1.405
  6. Jake Cowden +1.473
  7. Jordan Prior +2.505
  8. Pearce Herder +2.666
  9. Brennan Taylor +3.143
  10. Logan Ploder +5.329
  11. Nicholas Scarfo
  12. Liam Cusack
  13. Alec Drummond
  14. Shawn Knowlton
  15. Cameron Hogg
  16. Tyler Freier
  17. Kiedon Fletcher
  18. Kaitlyn Freier
  19. Julian Di Giola
  20. Brendon Miller
  21. Tom Fredericks
  22. Patrick Lelievre
  23. Maddox Heacock
  24. Nicholas Hornbostel
  25. Khloe Drummond
  26. Gianluca Savaglio
  27. Anthony Quezada
  28. Time Salvatore

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