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Barnes Stands Out in Thriller Briggs Senior Final


Barnes Stands Out in Thriller Briggs Senior Final

The most anticipated race of the day at the 2020 CKN Dash for Cash at the Canadian Mini Indy was the highly touted Briggs Senior division. With $1000.00 on the line and a grid of 23 hungry racers, all bets were off on who would come out on top of the 20-lap race.

Jordan Prior (BirelART) led the way in Qualifying, just edging out Marco Signoretti (Energy Kart), who suited up for the first time in more than a year. David Barnes (BirelART), Pearce Herder (Awesome Kart) and Dale Bonham (CL Kart) were all right there too, as the top-five were separated by less than three tenths of a second.

The PreFinal was dicey, with Prior and Herder breaking free near the end, while Jon Treadwell (BirelART) and Jake Cowden (Awesome Kart) joined the top-five.

When it came time for the Final, the fences were lined and the karts roared down the hill towards corner one. The outside line had great momentum and Herder took the early lead courtesy of a push from Barnes.

Herder’s time out front lasted only a lap as Barnes immediately went for the top spot. The lead changed again on lap five with Herder going back to first, with Prior, Treadwell and Spencer Todd (CL Kart) all just waiting for their opportunity to attack the lead duo and the lead pack still strong with ten karts in tow.

That chance came on lap eleven when the group really shuffled. Prior pushed Barnes to the lead, with Treadwell following through, with Herder slipping back to fourth.

Through it, the lead two opened a gap, but a hard-charging Treadwell and Herder clawed their way back to the front two, with Treadwell attacking for position in corner four. He made his way by Prior and exiting the corner, Herder had great momentum and pulled alongside. Two-by-two around corner five, one had to give, but neither did and contact was made in corner six. Herder spun off track and Treadwell lost his momentum. Cowden snuck by them all to gain second with Prior now on his bumper.

They tried their best, but there was no catching Barnes, who celebrated the victory and scored the $1000.00 payday. He also added $50.00 for leading the most laps.

Cowden and Prior completed the podium as the red flag flew just as the checkers came out for an incident involving Todd and Bonham in the final corner. Thankfully, both drivers were okay and the race was scored official as of the nineteenth lap. For his contact with Herder, Treadwell received three-position penalty.

Prior was awarded at the podium with three Silver Coins courtesy of Windsor Mobile Wash for posting the fastest lap of the day, while Herder and Adam Ali (Kosmic) were recognized for their sportsmanship after coming to the aid of Spencer Todd after his accident, splitting the $500.00 award.

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Race Results: CKN Dash for Cash Briggs Senior Final

  1. David Barnes
  2. Jake Cowden +1.456
  3. Jordan Prior +1.560
  4. Spencer Todd +2.412
  5. Dale Bonham +2.746
  6. Avery Miller +3.500
  7. Marco Signoretti +3.815
  8. Jonathon Treadwell +2.509
  9. Gianluca Savaglio +3.983
  10. Nicky Palladino +5.188
  11. Nicholas Hornbostel
  12. Ryan Brutski
  13. Nicholas Scarfo
  14. Anthony Quezada
  15. Tom Fredericks
  16. Keidon Fletcher
  17. Pearce Herder
  18. Adam Ali
  19. Julian Di Gioia
  20. Carly Panneton
  21. Kimi Hongye He
  22. Patrick Lelievre
  23. Logan Smout

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