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Back from the DL: Dorsnie Ready for the Canadian Championships

ASN Canadian Karting Championships

Back from the DL: Dorsnie Ready for the Canadian Championships

When the season kicked off at Goodwood Kartways way back in May, Xavier Dorsnie was amped up and ready to take the title at the Eastern Canadian Karting Championship in the Briggs & Stratton Junior category, after coming up just short a season prior. However come Sunday afternoon, a major crash not only took Dorsnie out of the competition, it sidelined him for months with fractured collarbone, potentially putting his entire season in jeopardy.

But X didn’t let it bring him down too much.

After taking the much required rest and relaxation, playing so many video games at home that, according to his mother, he became bored of them, he began to rehabilitate himself with hopes of getting back into a kart in 2016.

Motivated to make the Canadian Karting Championships at his home track in Mont-Tremblant, Dorsnie first returned to driving using racing games and a steering wheel and pedals and once he received the go ahead from his doctor, jumped back into a kart at the Jim Russell Karting Academy to see how it felt.

It felt like home again.

Leading up to the Canadian Championships, Dorsnie took part in the Coupe de Montreal race this past weekend at Mont-Tremblant and took home the victory in the Briggs Junior class that featured many of Canada’s best racers who were also there preparing for the big show.

Now with the Canadian Championships here, Dorsnie is ready and excited to get on track and seek out the Canadian title.

We caught up with him and asked him about the difficulty of not racing and what motivated him the most to rehab himself to get back into a kart this season.

When the injury happened and we went to the hospital I didn’t even think that my collarbone was fractured. I thought it was just a bruise and that I would be back in the kart by the final at Goodwood. When the doctor confirmed that it was a displaced fracture I wasn’t even sad, I was mad at the fact that I couldn’t defend my vice championship or take the step up and become ECKC champion in BS Jr. My parents and I have a deal that if I do well in school then I can kart and if I do poorly I wouldn’t be able to. I got a 95% in my first year of high school (grade 7), so it was frustrating to be sidelined all season, as some people know I’m quite the gamer so video games and friends helped get me through it.

It wasn’t hard to be motivated to rehab my collarbone, from day one my sights were set on the National Championships, as it was the only major race remaining that would allow me to prepare in time. The ECKC championship was gone but the National Championships were still a possibility. So after drinking 8-10 liters of chocolate milk per week and training for 3 weeks with my Dad, I feel ready and prepared for the National Championships. Now it’s time to drive…finally.
-Xavier Dorsnie

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