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Ayrton Climo Update: Being Transferred to Virginia

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Ayrton Climo Update: Being Transferred to Virginia

We received information this morning that Ayrton Climo, the American driver who sustained a head injury the Le Monaco de Trois-Rivieres at the end of July, is being transferred back to his native land.

While his recovery has been slow, progress has been made and Ayrton has been showing signs of response according to his mother, something we are very happy to report.

The transfer back to Virginia, USA is via ground ambulance and Ayrton along with family members left this morning and have crossed the border with an arrival at the Mt. Vernon Hospital expected this evening.

The fundraising to help with the costs associated with Ayrton’s hospital time, transfer and recovery has cleared over $25,000 and everyone who has stepped up to support deserves a pat on the back. If you would still like to donate, you can do so by visiting

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