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ASN Canada Seeking Grid Kids for 2019 F1 Grand Prix of Canada

The grid kids at the 2018 Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix (Photo by: LAT Images)

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ASN Canada Seeking Grid Kids for 2019 F1 Grand Prix of Canada

The search is on again for grid kids. After the introduction of F1 Grid Kids in 2018, the program has returned in 2019 and ASN Canada is seeking young drivers to stand alongside the stars of Formula 1 at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, Quebec this summer.

Below are the details we’ve received from ASN Canada. Those who fit the requirements are asked to apply no later than April 1, 2019.

Click here for the application form.

ASN Canada FIA and the Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada promoter, Octane Racing Group, are proud to announce their partnership with the FIA and Formula 1 for the 2nd year of the “’FIA F1 Future Stars” Program.

20 young Canadian Kart racing athletes will stand alongside Formula One Race drivers on the world-televised starting grid during the National Anthem at the 2019 F1 Canadian Grand Prix on June 9.

Apart from being able to stand beside an F1 race driver, each participant will receive an F1 branded karting suit, cap and shoes, 2 adult and 1 extra child complimentary tickets.

ASN Canada FIA is now accepting applications for the 2019 FIA F1 Future Stars. All applications must be submitted directly to ASN Canada FIA on the form provided prior to the closing date of April 1, 2019. An announcement will be made shortly after April 1 listing the names of the 2019 FIA F1 Future Stars.

1. To be considered, the child must meet the following criteria:

    • Age: 7 to 10 years old
    • Height: at least 125 cm tall; maximum 145 cm tall
    • Speak English or French
    • 2019 Member of an ASN Canada FIA affiliated Club
    • Hold a National licence
    • Availability to attend the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix June 9, 2019

2. Kids Role on the F1 Race Track Site

    • The children will be escorted to accompany each Formula One race driver on the grid for the national anthem. As soon as the national anthem ends, the children will exit the grid.
    • The children are expected to be well-behaved and attentive, to be able to walk onto the grid in front of thousands of fans at the race and be able to cope with the potential pressures.
    • The children must be available for a two-hour briefing meeting prior to the event. As the pre-race ceremony is broadcast on TV, the Kids must strictly follow the instructions given.
    • One parent/guardian of each child must accompany him/her to the circuit and remain responsible for the child at all times.
    • The children will be taken onto the grid by the ASN, promoter and F1 chaperones. Parents/guardians will remain on the pit wall, within sight of their child.
    • After the ceremony, the chaperones will bring the children off the grid and back to their parent/guardian.

Terms & Conditions:

    • Parents/Guardians will be required to sign a Consent Form.
    • The chosen participants will be responsible for all expenses outside of the complimentary tickets.
    • There is no vehicle parking on the race track site, therefore transportation to and from the site must be planned by the parents/guardians.
    • F1 branded karting suit, cap, and shoes will be provided to the youngsters. A sizing chart will be provided. This will be considered their uniform for the duration of the event. The youngsters will keep these items as mementos.
    • Parents/Guardians are responsible for ensuring their child gets sun protection, food and hydration.
    • ASN Canada FIA and the Octane Group are the sole selection authorities.

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