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ASN Canada Requires Pushback Bumpers for all classes in 2019

Eastern Canada

ASN Canada Requires Pushback Bumpers for all classes in 2019

As one of the major updates to the ASN Canada FIA rulebook, all classes following the ASN rulesets will require the use of pushback bumpers.

The bumper system was introduced in Canada last year for the Rok Cup Canada program. While there weren’t too many penalties issued, ASN Canada liked what they saw, with cleaner starts the biggest change, and thus decided to move forward for all classes, two-cycle and four-cycle.

The Western Canadian Karting Championship has already acknowledged the change and passed the memo onto their racers. It was also confirmed at the TRAK/MIKA annual general meeting for the two Toronto based clubs. We haven’t heard from the Coupe de Montreal yet on whether they will follow suit.

The bumper system is a simple piece that bolts onto any current nosecone. At high impact, the bumper will slide back about an inch and will be noticeable in the scale line following a race. Penalties have varied from three to ten seconds, depending on the race series. Drivers caught pushing the bumpers back out are immediately excluded from a race event as they are seen to be tampering with the rules.

With only a few weeks to go before the 2019 Canadian karting gets underway, we will keep an eye out for future rule adjustments.

We’ve also been informed that the 2019 ASN Canada rulebook is nearing completion and will be available soon on the website.

Update: to read the official bulletin from ASN Canada, click here:

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