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ASN Canada Institutes Pushback Bumpers for All Two-Cycle Classes in 2018

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ASN Canada Institutes Pushback Bumpers for All Two-Cycle Classes in 2018

ASN Canada FIA has authorized the use of a revised front fairing referred to as the “CIK Front Fairing” and commonly as the “drop-down” or “pushback” front nose.

Since its introduction in the UK in 2016, the reported wide-ranging benefits to the sport of Karting as a whole, include:

  • Improved driving standards
  • Greatly reduced instances of contact.
  • Cleaner and fairer racing.
  • Reduced ongoing costs for damage repairs.
  • Far less frequent replacement of the front fairing meaning that savings should easily outweigh any initial cost.

What is the Kit?

There is only one CIK-FIA homologated front fairing mounting kit (CIK- FIA Drawing 2c and homologation 1/CA/20 01/01 ET), more detail on the ‘kit’ can be found attached to this Bulletin.

The ‘kit’ sits between the front bumper bars and the front fairing.

The kits are readily available at a number of kart shops. The price is about $50.00.

How does it work?

When subjected to contact which exceeds the load limit, the mounting bracket and front fairing move rearwards to then sit slightly ‘loose’ between the front bumper bars (CIK-FIA Drawing 2d).

This is readily seen by the officials.

The rules:

a) The drop-down nose must meet technical requirements at all times. (In other words, do not tamper with nose modifications. On track wear and tear must be rectified).
b) Touching the nose cone is not permitted after taking grid position until passing post-race technical inspection.

What constitutes a violation and penalty

a. Touching nosecone during track session(qualifying, pre-race and race). Event exclusion is the penalty for violation.
b. Post Race – Touching nose in scale and/or Technical Inspection area prior to being released by officials. Event exclusion is the penalty for violation.
c. One side down – no violation.
d. Both sides down– violation has occurred. 3-position penalty added to session results.

Officials may not vary the violation and penalties.

Drop down penalties are not subject to protest or appeal procedures.

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