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ASN Canada FIA Bulletin: Kart Axles

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ASN Canada FIA Bulletin: Kart Axles

Canadian Karting News has received this bulletin from ASN Canada FIA. Please see below.

Canadian Karting Regulations Book 2
Technical Regulations


SUBJECT: Kart Axles

DATE: MAY 30, 2013

8.13. Rear Axles

The regulation is quite clear on rear axle cross sectional tube thickness.

It has been reported that axles with variable cross sectional tube thickness, commonly referred to as wall thickness, may be being used.

Should this be the case, intentionally or otherwise, it is clearly a rule violation and subject to penalty including exclusion from the results.

As well as a technical issue, safety is also a factor.

ASN Canada FIA has acquired portable state-of-the-art industrial testing technology to determine quickly and accurately if an axle meets the dimensional requirements of Rule 8.13, and can use this technology at any time during an event as it sees fit to do so.

Click Here for the official bulletin (PDF).

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