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ASN Canada 2013 Kart Racing Licenses Reminder

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ASN Canada 2013 Kart Racing Licenses Reminder

2012 Competition licenses expire on December 31, 2012, regardless of the date upon which they were issued.

This is a reminder that series such as the Florida Winter Tour and the Rotax Challenge of the Americas (formerly Gatorz), require that competitors hold a valid competition licence issued by the National Sporting Authority of their country of permanent residence.  The minimum licence requirement, for Canadians, in both of these series is a National Licence.

The 2013 Licence Application forms are now posted on our website in the “License Forms” section.

International Licence applications must include a current medical, as a medical is required each year for all International Licences.

National and International applications, for a minor (under 18) must include the following completed forms:

  • Annual Parent/Guardian Consent Waiver
  • Consent and Release by Parent/Guardian

Both the Florida Winter Tour and Rotax Challenge of the Americas, have their first event early in January.  Therefore we recommend that competitors submit their Licence Applications prior to December 20, to ensure that there is sufficient time for processing, as our office is closed from December 22 to January 2, 2013.

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