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Ali Wins Rotax Senior Final with Authority


Ali Wins Rotax Senior Final with Authority

It’s not often the biggest class of the weekend has one of the largest margins of victory, but that was the case in Rotax Senior as Adam Ali delivered a perfect performance and crossed the finish line more than 15-seconds ahead of the pack to take home the National title at the Canadian Karting Championships with authority.

After getting into the early race lead from the pole position on the grid, Ali (REM/Kosmic) gained a gap on the pack when Dale Curran (Pro/CL Kart) attacked Robert Soroka (KGR/RedSpeed) for the second position on the second lap. It took a little muscle to get by and that opened the lead gap as Soroka slipped down the running order.

The next time by, Patrick Woods-Toth (Prime/BirelART) moved into the second position and defended the position hard, looking over his shoulder often.

With no less than ten karts in the pack gunning for second place, there was action and passing in almost every single corner, helping Ali pull further and further away.

Also in the mix with Curran, Woods-Toth and Soroka were Jason Leung (REM/Kosmic), Ryan MacDermid (REM/Kosmic), Marco Filice (Prime/BirelART), Steven Szigeti (SH Karting/SodiKart) and Cole Hooton (Prime/BirelART).

Deep dives into the hairpin and brake-checks up the hill into corner six happened often as this battle really heated up.

Szigeti retired with a mechanic issue in the bowl on lap 12.

Woods-Toth did a great job of keeping himself in the top-four until the very end.

With the laps winding down, the second position continued to change hands with Soroka working his way back up to the spot, only to be forced wide on the exit of six and fall back down the order. MacDermid and Curran also had their turns in the spot and finally stayed ahead of Woods-Toth.

MacDermid grabbed the spot with two laps to go after fending off Curran, who came under attack from Leung.

Well after Ali celebrated his first Canadian title, MacDermid crossed in second, just ahead of Leung, Curran, Hooton, Soroka, Kai Dalziel (REM/Kosmic), who started in 30th, Filice and then Woods-Toth, who dropped from fourth on the final lap to ninth.

After penalties and pushback bumper activations following the race, the podium featured Ali with MacDermid and Curran followed by Kai Dalziel (REM/Kosmic) and Woods-Toth in the top-five.

With the win, Ali also clinched a ticket to the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals in Bahrain this December and it will be the first time he gets to represent Team Canada at the event.

Motomaster Canadian Karting Championships – Rotax Senior Final Results

1Adam Ali
2Ryan MacDermid15.793
3Dale Curran16.452
4Kai Dalziel16.852
5Patrick Woods-Toth17.592
6Coltin McCaughan18.747
7Justin Arseneau20.234
8Jason Leung20.850
9Cole Hooton21.561
10Matte Ferrari22.304
11Daniel Ali22.397
12Marco Filice22.413
13Kevin Foster23.384
14Vincent Desautels23.771
15Joe Crupi24.583
16Robert Soroka24.722
17Nalin Shah26.720
18Laurent Legault27.796
19Brady Clapham27.937
20Chase Pelletier28.318
21Sean Relf34.171
22Justin Spence54.403
23Brendon Sanguinetti58.806
24Andrew Maciel1 Lap
25Cruz Formusa1 Lap
26Ethan Ossowski1 Lap
27Maude Grenier1 Lap
28Steven Szigeti11 Laps
29Mathieu Cousineau11 Laps
30Tim Salvatore13 Laps
31Owyn Thomas18 Laps
32Griffin DowlerDNS
33Devin GellingsDQ

Photos by Cody Schindel / CKN

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