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A Statement to the CKN Nation: Where Did the Summer Go?

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A Statement to the CKN Nation: Where Did the Summer Go?

Vroooom! This summer has simply flown by, faster than a DD2 topping out down the back straight at Mont-Tremblant. What a summer CKN Nation!

Taking a few moments out of what has been an incredible ride this summer, I figured I would jot down some notes and create a short blog for you and reflect on what has happened thus far this year.

But first and foremost, I want to thank each and every one of you. I have received so much support and positivity this year in regards to the website and how happy you are to see the site excel and truly promote every team, driver, mechanic and the sport itself. Your words mean so much to me and this support only pushes me to make the site even better for you. I love what I do, and love doing it for you guys. (Now if only we could figure out how to duplicate me so I could get things done even faster…HA HA)

Four-Cycle Racing is back!

Looking back at this summer, I have to say it was a very successful and positive look at the sport. I am so happy to see 4-cycle racing back on the map, with a massive amount of support for the Briggs & Stratton platform not only from the drivers, but the teams and Briggs & Stratton themselves. I had a brief but good chat with David Klaus from Briggs at the Nationals and he was ecstatic about 38 drivers being entered in the Senior category, let alone the numbers across the country. This program is so very important in the growth of our sport and I can’t wait to see what unfolds next year.

The Junior Briggs category is also continuing to grow and I really like the idea of having only two major classes, with support for the younger divisions and Masters at the club level. Hopefully next season we could see a Junior Briggs class at the Coupe du Quebec, as I know a lot of East Coast pilots enjoy travelling out of province to challenge the best.

Growth in our youngest divisions on the National level!

Second, I’m very happy to see growth in our youngest divisions of Rotax Micro-Max and Mini-Max on the National level. These two classes have been on the brink in the past couple years, but having at least ten at almost every race in Ontario and Quebec is great! And the competition in incredible. On the west coast, these two classes are growing as well and that is good as their program begins to turn around.

Don’t worry Clubbers, I haven’t forgotten about you

Covering every National and Regional event this year has kept me very busy and a little further away from the Club Racing level then I wanted to this year, but I have plans for next year to get more coverage to you guys. But I have had the chance to check out some racing in Leamington, Flamboro, Goodwood and Mosport and their clubs look very healthy, and that I am happy to report. I do plan to hit up a couple more clubs by seasons end too.

ECKC Championship Finale and the International Ventures for Canadians

With only one major event left on the 2013 schedule, the Coupe du Quebec/Eastern Canadian Karting Championship will wrap things up on Sept 14 and 15 at the beautiful Mont-Tremblant karting circuit. At the end of that weekend, we will not only know who are the class championships in both series, but also who will complete Team Canada for the 2013 Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals.

And with the Canadian season complete, keeping tabs on the many Canadians competing at International events such as the Rotax Grand Finals, ROK International Cup, Florida Winter Tour or otherwise will be a main focus of our “off-season”. These drivers will be representing the Canadian Flag on their shoulders around the world and we will be right beside them, telling you how they are doing.

Back to School…

As many drivers return to the classrooms this fall, I too am returning to my studies. Always striving to make things better, I am enrolled at Humber College in the Advertising and Marketing Communications program. But don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere and neither is CKN, I am just taking the opportunity to make things better!

That wraps up this Statement to the CKN Nation. Stay tuned


Cody Schindel

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