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77 Rotax Entries for Max Karting Canada Final R1!


77 Rotax Entries for Max Karting Canada Final R1!

Check out the entry list for the Rotax Max classes taking part in this weekend Rotax Canada Final in Saskatoon

It’s race week in Saskatchewan!

We are only days away from the opening weekend of the Max Karting Group Rotax Canada Final hitting the track at Martensville Speedway, just outside of Saskatoon.

The first of two Max Karting Group races this summer to see who qualifies to represent Team Canada at the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals has drawn an impressive 77 Rotax entries so far, with a great turnout in every category. We are very much looking forward to the action in Rotax DD2, Senior Max, DD2 Masters and Mini-Max.

There is a great representation from each of the western provinces, especially the host province, as well as a great number from Alberta, which will host the second round of the Canada Final at the end of July.

By our counts, 12 of these racers have been to the Rotax Grand Finals before and will surely be drivers to keep an eye on as they bid to represent the Maple Leaf again this fall.

Four of the six defending Canada Final champions are back, hoping to keep their names on top.

So, who is racing this weekend? Check out the entry lists below.

Rotax DD2

403Brett KeilbackMB
404Oliver Wilson-O’ReillySK
406Griffin DowlerAB
413Riley LloydSK
423Andy LloydSK
426Tom EstanislaoSK
435Noel DowlerAB
439Alexis BudelMB
442Dylan LudwigAB
451Lucas PernodQC
487Matthew TaskinenAB

Rotax DD2 Masters

500Angelo AmorimAB
502Damon ShelemeyAB
505Jason McCumberSK
506Matthew CowanAB
516Greg ZazzaraAB
527Troy ShelemeyAB
531Brent HolowachukAB
547Ryan BerryAB
553Craig MackenzieAB
555Monty ReimerSK
568Derek WangUSA
570Rob KozakowskiAB
581Sylvain ColoumbeON
587Colin LivingstonAB
588Jared FreestonAB

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Rotax Senior

302Stepanova NekeelUSA
305Bennett MackayAB
306Griffin DowlerAB
307Evan PrussAB
311Dylan WasylkiwBC
316William Oliver
317Spencer PerreaultAB
320Colton McCaughanAB
326Kevin FosterAB
327Skylar DunningAB
334Devon GellingsAB
348Mark NewsonAB
351Timothe PernodQC
357Josh FinerBC
366Ian QiuBC
371Calvin SidhuBC
378Isaac FinerBC
384Nick WolodkoAB
387Jacob Loyer
389Jason LeungBC
395Bradley BitzAB

Rotax Junior

203Lucas BoschmannAB
207Sterling MackenzieAB
209Boss PatelAB
244Donnelly MannixSK
256Ziming Wang
288Coco ChiBC
297Frederique LemiuexQC

Rotax Mini

104Jackson LachapelleQC
109Louis-Thomas PelletierQC
110Adilyn CampbellSK
112Teryk BodenstabSK
113Danyka BodenstabSK
116Mathias BroerkenBC
118Gabriel BalogAB
120Magnus GerstmarSK
133Antoine LemieuxQC
143Nicholas ThorneSK
145Heidi McCumberSK
171Luca PopescuBC
178Bowen GilbertAB

Rotax Micro

7James BedardBC
10Ayrton Cui
13Max Chi
21Christian SanguinettiAB
37Pieter HooglandSK
40Lennox CampbellSK
44Liam VoiseyAB
55Oliver BroerkenBC
70Everleigh KozakowskiAB
77Charles TeoSK
96Alexis BaillargeonQC

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