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5 Reasons to Race ECKC in Mont-Tremblant

Eastern Canadian Karting Championship

5 Reasons to Race ECKC in Mont-Tremblant

We heard over the weekend at Goodwood that there was some drivers and teams that were considering holding back and not taking part in round two of the Eastern Canadian Karting Championship held in the beautiful Mont-Tremblant region. While some reasons were legitimate, we ponder many other reasons and so we have come up with five reasons to race ECKC in Mont-Tremblant.

1. For Briggs racers, purchasing a set of new tires is not mandatory.

It didn’t seem to circulate the paddock as much as most new rules and regulations do, but yes it is true. Briggs & Stratton racers do not need to buy a new set of tires to race in Mont-Tremblant, or round three in Mosport, as long as you purchased a set at ECKC Goodwood and use them at ECKC rounds two and three.

Now we wonder why many drivers don’t want to purchase tires as they are a pretty big necessity for a go-kart to navigate a race track with as well work great for club races after the ECKC races as well. So seriously, what is wrong with a shiny and fresh new set of tires for your Briggs kart?

2. It’s Mont-Tremblant! Bring the Family, there is so much to do!

There is no argument that Mont-Tremblant is the best region in Canada to host a race event. The lodging is only minutes away. You can rent a house or condo instead of a hotel. The city-centre is always booming with activities on evenings and the restaurants are some of the best.

But if that’s not enough to convince you. How about the luge, the zip line, the mountain top view or the golf. We understand that most of us will be at the race track all day, each day, but Mont-Tremblant is the perfect destination to bring your family or friends along to enjoy a region with so much to offer.

On top of it all, it is the slower season in Tremblant. Hotels are cheaper than normal, restaurants and attractions won’t be as busy and all in all, it will be a more relaxed weekend.

Registration is simple. Take a few moments and enter yourself at!

3. It really is a drivers race track

Since the first time we attended the Jim Russell Karting Academy, drivers have raved about it being their favourite track to drive. Designed by karting legend Mike Wilson, it races and flows so well in both directions and really challenges drivers to hit their marks and hold their lines. The draft is also so vital and for the Briggs racers, we know your races will almost always come down to a photo-finish at the line.

4. You can’t qualify for Team Canada if you don’t do all the races

Dream of qualifying for the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals? Well this year you need race all three rounds of the Eastern Canadian Karting Championship as well as the ASN Canadian National Karting Championship. If you don’t make it Tremblant this weekend you can kiss the dream away for another year.

5. Support the sport and those who work so hard to put on these big events

There is so much more organization that goes into hosting these big race events than most think and our sport needs the support more now than ever.

The Eastern Canadian Karting Championship is Canada’s best championship, supported by the best hosts, officials, flaggers, tracks and even media. If you love karting and want to see the professionalism that is displayed at ECKC races continue, you need to support them in order for the industry to support you back.

We’ve already lost one big race this year, why lose more?

So what are you waiting for? Get your registration in now for ECKC Round #2 in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec.

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