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2016 Florida Winter Tour Powered by MaxSpeed Entertainment Registration Now Open

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2016 Florida Winter Tour Powered by MaxSpeed Entertainment Registration Now Open

With the US Open series concluding in spectacular fashion less than two weeks ago in Las Vegas, MAXSpeed Entertainment has now turned their focus to the 2016 season schedule. As the days of the year wind down, drivers from all across the globe begin to think about one of the most premier karting series in the world, the Florida Winter Tour (FWT). The first two rounds will kick off the 2016 series in Homestead, Florida in January, and registration for the entire Tour is now open.

“The 2016 edition of the FWT looks to be a big year,” notes MAXSpeed’s Race Promotion Director Garett Potter.  “Tony Schroeder and the team at Homestead are ready to help us kickoff the ROK-N-Rotax winter program. There were some big changes in 2015, but with a solid showing for year one and a foundation set, we are ready to break records again and make this six weekend series the largest in North America and the largest for winter racing in the world.”

MAXSpeed Entertainment will again offer discounts for advance registration of multiple race weekends. All competitors who register for either all three weekends of ROK or all three weekends of Rotax will see a $175 discount, while those who register for the entire six weekends of both ROK and Rotax will see a price break of $350.  Online registration will close two weeks prior to each first event week, with the discounted registration only available through midnight EST Monday, December 28, 2015. On site registration will also be available for a service fee of $250.

All entries will include:

  • Friday (Practice/Qualifying)
  • Saturday/Sunday Race Fees
  • Driver/Mechanic Passes
  • Race Tires
  • 1-liter Oil
  • 5-gallons Fuel

Registration can be completed via the direct link HERE or via

The race format will remain unchanged from 2015. Rounds one and two will be double race weekends, as round three will be championship style. Championship points will follow the very successful US Open program; points will be progressive with each round worth 33% more than the last with bonus points for qualifying, heats and prefinals.

“Promoters over the years have tried many ideas to keep interest throughout a series; I think we found a great solution this year when we introduced the US Open points format, with not one title decided until the last days of round three. We expect the same now at FWT,” continues Potter.

The ROK Cup USA weekend will see one significant change in 2016, as all classes will move to the Bridgestone ROK tire. The ROK (YLR) will be the spec slick tire for all classes as well as the (YLP) for rain. With this change the FWT ROK Cup USA will align with the successful international program, and this will also help our Team USA drivers compete to bring home the international ROK title.

“I want to personally thank Wagner Rossi and Luis Ruibal from MG Tires for all their support over the years,” adds Potter.  “They’ve hand a big hand in building and directing the success of the FWT, and it could not have been done without them.”

Additional Information
All parking requests will be handled for rounds one and two by the respective track. Round three will be handled directly by MAXSpeed Entertainment. Details will be available on the MSE website for parking contacts.

All tracks will be closed the Monday before each event week. Unofficial practice will start Tuesday of each week with official event days Friday through Sunday.

Hotel information for the Homestead Karting rounds has been posted to Please follow this link – – and click on ‘Homestead Hotel Information’ to expand and view hotels.

2016 Florida Winter Tour Schedule

January 14-17 Florida Winter Tour
ROK Cup USA Round #1
Homestead Karting Homestead, FL
January 21-24 Florida Winter Tour
Rotax MAX Challenge Round #1
Homestead Karting Homestead, FL
February 11-14 Florida Winter Tour
ROK Cup USA Round #2
Ocala Gran Prix Ocala, FL
February 18-21 Florida Winter Tour
Rotax MAX Challenge Round #2
Ocala Gran Prix Ocala, FL
March 10-13 Florida Winter Tour
ROK Cup USA Round #3
Palm Beach Karting Jupiter, FL
March 17-20 Florida Winter Tour
Rotax MAX Challenge Round #3
Palm Beach Karting Jupiter, FL

For more information on MAXSpeed Entertainment, promoted events including the Cold Stone US Open, Cold Stone Florida Winter Tour, and the Cold Stone United States Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Nationals, please visit For more information on the MAXSpeed Group, the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals, Team USA and the entire Rotax program, please visit Be sure to ‘Like’ GoRotax on Facebook ( and follow on Twitter ( and Instagram (

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