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2014 ECKC Championship Showdown: Rotax Micro-Max, Mini-Max and Junior-Max Previews

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2014 ECKC Championship Showdown: Rotax Micro-Max, Mini-Max and Junior-Max Previews

The 2014 season steps a little bit closer to completion this weekend as the Eastern Canadian Karting Championship will complete the final round of their 2014 campaign and mark the final major event of the Canadian season.

The ECKC wraps up their fifth season to date once again at the Jim Russell Karting Academy in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec only three weeks following a very successful ASN Canadian Championships at the same facility. It has been a very exciting season for the ECKC series, which competes in both Ontario and Quebec.

To preview the final round of the ECKC, we have broken down the championship race for each class, factoring in the drops and determining the remaining title threats.

Rotax Micro-Max


Thomas Nepveu has a perfect score thus far in Micro-Max (Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN)

With the exception of one race where a carb issue wouldn’t allow his engine to perform, SH Racing’s Thomas Nepveu has simply dominated the Micro-Max division at the ECKC. Sweeping five of the six race days so far, Nepveu has all but secured the championship with a start this weekend based on his commanding points lead.

While Nepveu may be looking for some redemption after coming up short at the Canadian Championships, his championship rival Jeremy Tallon (KMS/Birel), the 2014 Canadian Champion, will pull double-duty as he has stepped up the Mini-Max this weekend in anticipation of the 2015 season. We do expect Nepveu to follow suit and move up early as well, however with it mandatory for drivers to race in their category in order to win the championship Nepveu will have to stay down one more weekend.

Behind the lead duo, Justin Arseneau (PSL/CRG) holds the third position 103 points behind Tallon and 93 points ahead of William Michaud (PSL/CRG). Gianluca Savaglio (Goodwood/Intrepid) maintains the fifth position, even if he missed out on both races in round three.

Unofficial Top-Five Micro-Max Standings

Position Driver Total Drop Final Gap Gap to Leader
1. Nepveu 1429 179 1250
2. Tallon 1125 35 1090 -160 -160
3. Arseneau 1116 129 987 -103 -263
4. Michaud 929 35 894 -93 -356
5. Savaglio 811 0 811 -83 -439

Rotax Mini-Max


The only front-runner with a victory this season, Ryan MacDermid enters the weekend as the Mini-Max Championship leader (Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN)

We have a much tighter battle in the Mini-Max division where it will come down to Sunday’s Final. Currently Ryan MacDermid (TonyKart) leads the way over Alexandre Légaré (PSL/CRG) by only 18 points. MacDermid is the only championship contender to win an ECKC race in Mini-Max this season as he took the checkers in Trois-Rivieres, but with Legare, Stefano Lucente (K&P/LH Kart), Christopher Chanko (Goodwood/Intrepid) and Xavier Harris (Goodwood/Intrepid) all within firing distance, the title is open for the taking.

With drops factored in, the top-five positions are separated by only 71 points. With 250 available each day expect the unexpected this weekend. Légaré enters the weekend riding the high of his Canadian title; Lucente is on the cusp on his first breakout victory; Chanko has quietly kept himself in the chase and Harris has the potential to really make a season ending statement.

Unofficial Top-Five Mini-Max Standings

Position Driver Total Drop Final Gap Gap to Leader
1. MacDermid 1115 150 965
2. Legare 1094 147 947 -18 -18
3. Lucente 1040 122 918 -29 -47
4. Chanko 1029 126 903 -15 -62
5. Harris 939 45 894 -9 -71

Rotax Junior


Gianfranco Mazzaferro leads the Rotax Junior Standings courtesy of four victories thus far (Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN)

Through the first four races of the season, Gianfranco Mazzaferro (Ferrolati Corse/TonyKart) was simply unstoppable in Rotax Junior. That all changed on the streets of Trois-Rivieres Alexandre Lacroix (SH Racing/FA Kart) stepped up table and swept the weekends events. While Mazzaferro still holds a commanding lead in the championship chase, there is still plenty to be fought for this weekend in Tremblant.

Mazzaferro’s closest rival all season has been Cedrik Lupien (SH Racing/FA Kart), who is still seeking his first big victory of the season. Lupien trails by 143 points, but is only six ahead of Tyler Ripani (Pserra/TonyKart). Ripani has been pretty quiet since the season opener at Mosport, but has maintained the gap to Mazzaferro and will be waiting in the wings is something happens. Just over 200 points back of Mazzaferro sites Lacroix as a rocky start has kept him out of the championship chase while Roman DeAngelis (Koene/TonyKart) maintains in the top-five.

Since Mazzaferro has already secured his ticket to the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals, second place in the overall ECKC championship means a little more than a trophy this weekend. Lupien, Ripani, Lacroix and DeAngelis will all have this playing on their minds this weekend where a smart and successful weekend could see them on their way to Spain as a member of Team Canada.

Unofficial Top-Ten Rotax Junior Standings

Position Driver Total Drop Final Gap Gap to Leader
1. Mazzaferro 1298 140 1158
2. C Lupien 1114 99 1015 -143 -143
3. Ripani 1093 84 1009 -6 -149
4. Lacroix 1016 66 950 -59 -208
5. DeAngelis 1079 149 930 -20 -228
6. S Lupien 1013 110 903 -27 -255
7. Cantin 860 72 788 -115 -370
8. Cote 648 40 608 -180 -550
9. Soranno 616 62 554 -54 -604
10. Rushton 525 46 479 -75 -679

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