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2014 ARMS Maritime Karting Championships a Massive Success!

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2014 ARMS Maritime Karting Championships a Massive Success!

Photos and Report By: Graci Young, CKN East Coast Correspondent.

The 2014 ARMS Maritime Karting Championships held at East Coast Karting this past weekend was an absolute blast. It was made up by three classes (all Briggs & Stratton powered), with 7 Novice drivers, 7 Juniors, and a whopping 13 Senior drivers. This event consisted of two scheduled practice sessions, a qualifying session, three heats, a pre-final, and final for each class. Practices, qualifying, and 2 out of the 3 heats were held on Saturday, June 28th. The remainder of the races took place the following day on Sunday, June 29th.

In the Novice division, Fraser Murray swept the entire event clean. He was laying down extremely impressive times since the moment he arrived and only got quicker as the weekend went on. Murray went on to top the previous track record in the Novice division, which was also made by him. Isla Kants (#183) and Ben Israel (#118) were at a constant, very tight battle throughout the weekend in triumph to grab that second place position. Kants often challenged Murray as well, especially in the early portion of the races. She represented her awesome ability to carry the outside line off of starts SUCCESSFULLY, a skill many drivers including myself lack in. Kants placed second in all three heats as well as the pre-final, Israel taking second in the final with Kants close behind. The final was rounded off with Evan Rose taking fourth and Cashton Wooliscroft in a respectable fifth position. There was a severe mishap in the first lap of the final, claiming the race from Issac Teed and Cody Couture. I’m sure I speak for many in wishing Issac and the Teed family an extremely speedy recovery, getting through a racing related injury is never an easy task but I’m certain that Issac and his “never give up” attitude will shine through.

Click Here for a Photo Gallery from the Event!

Another near clean sweep for Justin Beers in the Junior division, winning every race with exception of the final, taken by Kelsey Hann. Please pardon the switch here as I change from report mode to blog mode – The final was one of the most exciting races I have ever partook in, all due to the last lap. Beers, Stephen Oliver, Hann, and I were all in an anxious four driver train. Each driver waiting for the right moment to make a move, and being weary of how early to make it. The last lap rolled around before the blink of an eye and the pack was getting antsy. Oliver pulled a dive bomb on Beers, which led to a very quick rub session between the two. Hann and I saw the opportunity to merely skim the pair and make a pass for the flag. Hann made it through the turn without issue, just missing Beers and Oliver as they regained their bearings. I followed her lead, except with Beers and Oliver by my side. Three-wide out of the turn, Beers fell back tightly behind me and Oliver slightly ahead going back into our infamous train. With Hann in our sights preparing for victory, there was little time for contemplation. I attempted a hard-fought pass with Oliver and just managed to gain position over my speedy competitor. Hann took an extremely well deserved win, followed by myself, Oliver, Beers, Makenna Hann, Eric Rose, and Morgan Harnish.

The pattern continues – Almost another complete clean sweep in the Senior division by former victor Aaron Kennedy, winning everything with exception of heat 1 where I the victory was taken by FWT driver Robert Conrad. Conrad and Kennedy were side by side coming up the front stretch bracing for victory, Kennedy placing second by 0.098s. Top 5 over the course of the weekend was a mainly a never ending toss up between Kennedy, Conrad, Brett Miller, Jared Meade, and Jonathan Stewart. Pre-final resulted in Kennedy, Miller, Conrad, Stewart, then Meade. A very similar outcome occurred in the final, with top 3 resting the same and an exchange of position between Stewart and Meade. This past weekend was Stewart’s first time racing a kart in quite a long time, but his ability to compete certainly didn’t disappear with time. This division that sometimes seems to fall out in the East Coast, is now on an uphill spiral. The tight competition and growing interest in not only the younger kids, but the adults as well is a great thing to see.

I can’t wait until next year’s event and I would highly suggest it to any driver or team that is able to participate. ARMS, CKRA, AMKA, ECK, drivers, parents, and everyone involved in the building process of this event, thank you very much. Without every individual involved in this it could’ve not come together as wickedly as it did. It was certainly a Regionals to remember for many, a perfect way to begin the summer.

Yours until the engine dies,
-#614, Graci Young

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