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2013 CKN Year in Review Awards: Briggs & Stratton Driver of the Year

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2013 CKN Year in Review Awards: Briggs & Stratton Driver of the Year

Looking back at the successful year that 2013 was, we here at Canadian Karting News decided to create our own set of awards, all pertaining to categories we feel worthy. Throughout the final weeks of 2013, we will highlight an award for categories such as Junior and Senior driver’s of the year, helmet design of the year, Canadian event of the year, best appearing kart among many others.

While these are all the opinion of CKN, you can let us know who you think deserved each award. Using the comments below each article, let us know who you feel was worthy of the award and a short blurb why you believe so.

*Briggs & Stratton Driver of the Year*

Winner: Jean-François Lafontaine

– Cory Cacciavillani
– Mathieu Demers
– Tyler McCullough
– Jean-François Lafontaine
– Tommy Lemaire-Ouellet
– Jonathon Treadwell

What a year for Briggs & Stratton! 2013 saw the return of four-cycle racing on the regional level, solid support across the country and quite possibly the highlight classes at the Canadian National Championships, with the largest entry list as well. Since it’s introduction the Briggs & Stratton LO206 program has had it’s doubters, been through some growing pains, but is not finally stretching it’s feet and truly showing off how competitive and exciting the program was meant to be.

There were a number of names who stood out this year, with every region having a different face leading the way. In Ontario, Jonathon Treadwell was the man to beat in ECKC competition, while Tommy Lemaire-Ouellet stepped up in the Quebec region, dominating the Coupe du Quebec and Gerald Caseley continuing to impress in the Maritimes. But when it came to the Canadian Championships, more than a half dozen drivers had placed their name in the mix for victory.

Terrebonne, Quebec resident Jean-Francois Lafontaine was the driver who came out on top at Goodwood. Add in his ability to place himself up front in every race he competed in this year that makes him our Briggs & Stratton driver of the year.

As an Engineering student, Lafontaine didn’t have much time to test and tune in 2013, but that didn’t stop him showing his presence everywhere he went. He was victorious at the Coupe du Quebec race at SH Karting to start the year, standing on the podium at almost every Coupe race for the rest of the year, including his Canadian National title.



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