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15 Reasons We’re Excited for ROK the RIO!


15 Reasons We’re Excited for ROK the RIO!

In less than one week we will arrive in Las Vegas, Nevada for our first race outside of Canada since the COVID-19 global pandemic rocked the world in March and we couldn’t be more excited to see our friends at ROK Cup USA and all of the racers competing at ROK the RIO.

More than 300 entrants are expected, with organizers preparing for similar numbers to their 2019 event. With a full roster of ten classes, it’s going to be a very busy week in Las Vegas.

A number of Canadians will be in attendance, even with the restrictions we will face upon returning home, but with all the hype around ROK the RIO, we imagine it will be worth it.

Here are 15 reasons why we’re excited for ROK the RIO!

  1. It’s Las Vegas, need we say more? – While it may not be operating at its fullest right now, Sin City is still a sight to be seen and a place like no other and when there’s a kart race in town, the vibe is even better!
  2. $5000.00 prize pool for every category – Every race winner on Sunday will earn a cool $2500.00 paycheck for their efforts along with the entire top-five finishers taking home a cash prize.
  3. Finish the season with a bang – Let’s be honest, 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, especially the racing community. ROK the RIO is the final event of the season and it’s going to end the year on a high.
  4. 50 Entrants in ROK Shifter! – The first class to sell out at registration was ROK Shifter and it’s going to be mega! A full field of shifters ripping around the circuit at the RIO is exactly what we all need right now. Returning champions Danny Formal and Mathias Ramirez are entered, can they score a second Vegas win?
  5. Ruscitti is back and looking for more – A fifth-place finish in last year’s Shifter ROK Final wasn’t enough for BC’s Remo Ruscitti. He’s entered again aboard his familiar ITALKART and aiming for the podium
  6. 100cc Senior is also sold out – A massive growth from 2019, 100cc Senior has sold out and will line up 50 drivers from coast to coast to compete for victory
  7. Halloween candy at the ROK Cup office – For those that don’t know, Ursula and the ROK Cup USA staff are always stocked with candy! Enjoy a Snickers when you’re in the steward’s office, you’re not you when you’re hungry.
  8. The circuit design remains unchanged – ROK Cup USA is sticking to what works, a great circuit design that creates close competition.
  9. Kart Stars Canada Champions registered – Jordan Di Leo, Austin Boyle, Nolan Bower and Davide Greco have all registered to compete in Las Vegas!
  10. MRFKC Sends Champ Woods-Toth – Dominant so far in 2020, Prime Powerteam’s Patrick Woods-Toth is seeking another major win in international competition in ROK Senior
  11. From Italy to Las Vegas for Burnett – Moments after completing his quarantine after the ROK Cup SuperFinal in Italy, Jensen Burnett will travel to Las Vegas hoping to put his Energy Kart on the podium in Mini Rok
  12. Garett Potter – The man who has helped ensure that ROK the RIO 2020 will happen. Without his efforts and all of those at ROK Cup USA, this grand finale of the season would not happen
  13. Cool OMP bags for fastest lap – Drivers who put down the fastest lap in each of the Finals will take home a cool prize package OMP
  14. Andy Seesemann – Always has a stocked cabinet for those in need and is the promoter for Challenge of the Americas, a great west-coast winter karting series. He may also make you laugh and cry in the same sentence.
  15. Superstars in attendance – We’ve got word that a pair of motorsports professionals will compete in ROK the RIO. Who could they be? Only time will tell…

The event officially gets underway on Wednesday, November 4 and will conclude on Sunday, November 8. CKN cannot wait to be track side to cover all the exciting action of ROK the RIO 2020!

For those who haven’t registered, there are still a few days left to do so. We suggest you get on that ASAP. Use the Kart Pass app to register.

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