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11 Drivers Fly to Pole-Positions on Saturday


11 Drivers Fly to Pole-Positions on Saturday

It’s a little chilly in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec this weekend, but that hasn’t stopped more than 250 entrants from competing in the Canadian Open and Coupe de Montreal season finale. Spread across twelve categories, drivers from coast to coast have converged to make it Canada’s largest karting event of the season and one of the most attended in the past decade as well.

Saturday’s action featured official Qualifying for all eleven categories on track, along with a selection of PreFinals.

Notably, Briggs Junior and Briggs Senior needed to be split into two groups as both classes exceeded the limit of 34 karts this weekend, with Senior hitting a weekend high of 42 entrants. With the large number, two PreFinals for each class are needed to set the starting grid of 34 for Sunday’s Final.

With tickets up for grabs to the 2020 Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals and Canadian Open bragging rights in Briggs and Shifter on the line, the intensity at the Jim Russell Karting Academy was high on Saturday.

Here are the top-10 results for each category from Qualifying.

Briggs Senior

PosDriverTimeChassis Province
1Adam Ali01:02.795KosmicON
2Gianluca Savaglio01:02.868CL KartON
3Jordan Prior01:02.872BirelARTON
4Owyn Thomas01:02.872CL KartON
5Mavrik Vermette01:02.892BirelARTQC
6Eric Lessard01:02.956IntrepidQC
7Logan Ploder01:03.028CL KartON
8Nicky Palladino01:03.039TonyKartON
9Mike De La Plante01:03.040TNT KartON
10Nicholas Scarfo01:03.165CL KartON

Rotax Senior

PosDriverTimeChassis Province
1Kai Dalziel55.040KosmicON
2Adam Ali55.231KosmicON
3Kevin King55.270BirelARTQC
4Andrew Maciel55.343TonyKartON
5Garret Britton55.373TonyKartMB
6Vincent Desautels55.384SodiKartQC
7Coltin McCaughan55.412RedSpeedAB
8Dale Curran55.425CL KartON
9Robert Soroka55.429RedSpeedON
10Alex Marcil Perron55.507TonyKartQC

Rotax Junior

PosDriverTimeChassis Province
1Callum Baxter56.676BirelARTNS
2Daniel Ali56.773KosmicON
3Marcello Paniccia56.823KosmicON
4Laurent Legault56.886BirelARTQC
5Ayden Ingratta56.943RedSpeedON
6Louka St Jean57.019BirelARTQC
7Nicholas Gilkes57.110BirelARTON
8Maude Grenier57.154BirelARTQC
9Mathieu Cousineau57.233BirelARTQC
10Ian Qui57.278TonyKartBC

Mini Max

PosDriverTimeChassis Province
1Ryan Maxwell59.539Energy KartON
2Lucas Deslongchamps59.566BirelARTQC
3Jensen Burnett59.605Energy KartON
4Ilie Tristan Crisan60.347CRGQC
5Alexander Chartier60.415PDBAB
6Gabreil Balog60.539PDBBC
7Aixin Coco Chi60.587PDBBC
8Alexis Baillargeon60.635BirelARTBC
9Samuel Spurling61.301KosmicON
10Brando Londono61.409SodiKartQC

Briggs Masters

PosDriverTimeChassis Province
1Mathieu Demers01:04.632BirelARTQC
2Eric Lessard01:04.826IntrepidQC
3Marc Stehle01:04.832CL KartON
4Ian MacIntyre01:04.848CL KartON
5Corey Walsh01:05.161KosmicON
6Zak Villeneuve01:05.188TonyKartQC
7Jamie MacArthur01:05.217TNT KartON
8Daniel Courtemanche01:05.281BirelARTQC
9Mike Larouche01:05.335KosmicQC
10Adrian Donkers01:05.400TonyKartON

Briggs Junior

PosDriverTimeChassis Province
1Ari Korkodilos01:03.537KosmicON
2Nicholas Gilkes01:03.572BirelARTON
3Zack Lalonde01:03.714FA KartQC
4Antoine Senechal01:03.738BirelARTQC
5Maika Chamberland01:03.803TonyKartQC
6Christophe Legrand01:03.838BirelARTQC
7YuChen Ye01:03.947BirelARTQC
8Daniel Ali01:03.947KosmicON
9Laurent Legault01:03.960BirelARTQC
10Timothy Pernod01:04.036BirelARTQC

Briggs Cadet

PosDriverTimeChassis Province
1Ilie Tristan Crisan01:05.351CRGQC
2Wesley Donkers01:05.647TonyKartON
3Lucas Deslongchamps01:05.805BirelARTQC
4Mathis Brunetti01:05.844BirelARTQC
5Louis David Boucher01:05.938BirelARTQC
6Alexis Baillargeon01:05.963BirelARTQC
7Jade Wilson01:06.427BirelARTQC
8Olivier Bernier01:06.642BirelARTQC
9Olivier Mrak01:06.730PragaQC
10Bronson Hetherinton01:06.842FA KartON

Rotax DD2

PosDriverTimeChassis Province
1Christophe Rizk54.490BirelARTQC
2Davide Greco54.526BirelARTON
3Lucas Pernod54.859BirelARTQC
4Didier Carre54.925BirelARTQC
5Matthew Taskinen54.959CRGAB
6Zephyrin Dupain54.971BirelARTQC
7Hugo Ouellette55.126BirelARTQC
8Louka St Jean55.137BirelARTQC
9Noel Dowler55.161TonyKartAB
10Owen Clarke55.249BirelARTON

Rotax DD2 Masters

PosDriverTimeChassis Province
1Alexandre Gauthier55.519BirelARTQC
2Etienne LaSalle55.541CL KartQC
3Jean Philippe Raymond55.749BirelARTQC
4Vivien Chevallier56.212BirelARTQC
5Laurent Boivin56.301BirelARTQC
6Pascal Paquin56.308BirelARTQC
7David Barube56.384BirelARTQC
8Ryan Berry56.547BirelARTQC
9Bruno Legrand56.622BirelARTQC
10Stephane Veilleux56.752BirelARTQC

Rotax Max Masters

PosDriverTimeChassis Province
1Jocelyn Pelletier57.118KosmicQC
2Maxime Chasse57.145BirelARTQC
3William Cloutier57.250KosmicQC
4Sylvain Chenard57.280TonyKartQC
5Patrick Lauzier57.300FA KartQC
6Stephane Perron57.316TonyKartQC
7Sylvain Coloumbe57.453FA KartON
8Nicolas Carriere57.928KosmicQC
9Stephane Potvin58.293TonyKartQC
10Bryan Ricchard58.785TonyKartQC

Open Shifter

PosDriverTimeChassis Province
1Joshua Conquer53.245Energy KartON
2Jean Francois Lafontaine53.451CL KartQC
3Charles Robin53.585SodiKartQC
4Nathan Gilbert53.800SodiKartQC
5Dany St Hilaire53.824BirelARTQC
6Marc Antoine Poirer53.835BirelARTQC
7Henry Knox53.877BirelARTON
8Nicholas Bedard54.108BirelARTQC
9Alec St Hilaire54.263BirelARTQC
10Alex Tagliani54.267CRGQC

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